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War was the most controversial subject in the world. It combined greed, hate, bloodlust, death, honor, glory, and vengeance to form one huge collaboration of contradiction. But one thing every soldier could tell you?

War was hell.

There was nothing more frightening then knowing you could die at any second. Safety was nonexistent - it wasn't part of a soldier's vocabulary. Every minute that you survived meant you were a minute closer to death. That was the way it was - that was all there was. They lived to fight and they fought to live.

Yeah, war was hell.

Soldiers came and went, and few constants remained. Death, for instance. Death was a constant. It happened every day, every hour. Each crash, each bang, each yell, each cry - they all sounded some fresh agony that had risen to afflict a new victim until they had sucked every vestibule of life and hope from them. Some wonder why soldiers come back and have trouble adjusting, have trouble seeing the bright side, have trouble feeling safe. Yet if they had been there, it would be obvious. If they had seen the atrocities they had, it would be clear.

But they hadn't. And they couldn't understand.

Nobody knew the fresh horrors of war like the Greeks. The Greeks practically invented tragedy. If anything terrible and probably life-threatening could happen to a human (well, mostly human) being, it would have afflicted the Greeks. It seemed like fate had it out for the legendary heroes, despite their best efforts to live quiet lives.

Demigods knew this better then anyone. Their lives were basically a living horror story, and they dealt with traumatic and harmful situations every day of their miserable lives. They sought happiness and held to it tightly, all too aware that it would so easily slip away, and that the Fates would not be kind enough to allow them to keep it.

Everything good must go. Peace was an illusion, and happiness was fleeting.

What for, you ask? Who knows? Perhaps it is because the world is dark and cruel, and naturally seeks to destroy all that brings good, all that protects. Perhaps it is because those who strive to thrive on this planet are targeted, meant to be broken and shattered until there is nothing to put back together.

And maybe, just maybe, it is because there are those strong enough to bear burdens and those who crumble under the weight of life.

Still, one can only take so much. Despite having godly genes, a demigod's brain is still very much human. Sure, they were much more accustomed to odd and traumatizing situations, and could probably handle a Hades of a lot more then a mortal, but there was a limit to their endurance, a breaking point to their patience.

Darkness will ever seek to block light, and sometimes it succeeds.

Percy Jackson has reached the end of the line. The brilliant blaze that one was his life has diminished. There is nothing that pulls him from the shattered shell of his mind. He's tried so hard to protect those he loves, but no one was there to protect him.

He fell, and his broken wings couldn't pull him back up.

Wings mend, and shattered glass can be pieced back together.

But night does not vanish when day comes. Darkness still taints the world, in shadows and in depths, waiting for the chance to surge again, to block the light of the stars and the moon, until nothing is left but the all-consuming void.

Broken wings can mend, but not if death strikes first.

Or worse,




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