Confusion and Violence

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Immediately as he opened the door to the store, Firo was assaulted by the undeniable feeling that something was wrong.

With no time to pinpoint the source of the feeling, he hastily took a step backwards, bumping into Charlie, who was right on his heels. Just then—something whizzed past before his eyes like a guillotine blade.

It was a few seconds before he realized this was the raised leg of a person. Then, his gaze turned towards the owner of the leg.


Firo had definitely seen this face before... no, rather, he had seen the attire before.

"Someone you know?" asked Charlie.

"The one yesterday..."


Ennis also noticed that the other person's face was very familiar, and so halted her attacking hands.

Thanks to 'Barnes' knowledge' from Szilard, she knew he was the man who was looking for her. Although she knew nothing else about him, she couldn't help but stop herself.

Szilard had said 'If Maiza escapes from the back door, stop him', so when the door opened she automatically attacked... but it seemed he had seen through her kick when the shadow from her foot fell on his face. Moreover, it had to be this man.

After a little thought, Ennis decided to start attacking once again. She didn't know about the girl, but this man was probably Szilard's enemy. If she let him escape her own life may be forfeit.

But at this moment, Isaac and Miria's faces came to mind. If Szilard was to order her to kill Isaac and Miria, what would she do?

"Woah, wait a minute!"

After a few seconds, the woman before them resumed her ferocious attack.

Charlie quickly moved back to give Firo more room to maneuver. She wanted to help, but unfortunately she had only recently begun to learn hand-to-hand combat, so Charlie was no match for the other woman, and she knew this.

Moving carelessly would only cause trouble for Firo. She had been taught enough by Mr. Ronnie to give her passible skills with a knife, but she had lost hers the moment she threw it at Szilard.

Although he dodged the first blow expertly, Firo turned around only to be greeted by another two consecutive attacks as Ennis landed a clean hit on Firo's shoulder with her other foot.

The fiercer-than-anticipated attacks drove Firo back until he was pushed up against Charlie, who became sandwiched between him and the wall. The same time he felt the light impact of the attacks, the cold brick wall touched her back.


"Mm... I was careless..."

Ennis didn't stop and threw a punch at him.

Aah, this was very similar to the Japanese martial art Yagulma taught us.

When Firo thought that, he automatically used the moves he'd practiced with Yagulma.

"And so—"

His right hand shot out and caught Ennis's right wrist. Although her speed was not to be trifled with, Firo could clearly follow her when compared to Yagulma... and because her wrist was more slender than a man's, it was easier to hold.

Ennis's eyes widened a little.

"—I said—"

Keeping his left hand held high, he pulled Ennis's body close while turning. Just like in a dance, Firo's body slipped through under Ennis's arm... and in an instant their two bodies were aligned.

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