To Raise or Destroy, Olympus Will Fight

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Guess what guys! I think that this might be the end! Yeah, just this then the epilogue....

The Olympians have decreed that they would be joining the fight," Luke said, staring at the scene along with Percy.

"Good," Percy said, not looking away.

"What if they let their emotions and grudges keep them from working together?" Leo asked. "They would not be working as the well oiled machine they should be."

"They could ruin any plans we make just by ignoring each other as they fight," Sam said, adding onto what Leo said.

"If they do that we might as well forget trying to save the world," Percy said. "They cannot let their past get in the way of the war against Tartarus."


Percy watched the Olympians in the arena for a few more minutes before he suddenly leapt into the air, startling most of the people around him. He flew high into the air, high enough to touch the clouds, then he landed in the middle of the crowd that was in the training arena.

"If you plan on fighting," Percy started, eyeing the gods carefully, "then you need to put your emotions aside. This, I think would be more beneficial to you in this war."

"Who are you to tell us how to fight?" Ares sneered.

Percy turned to stare at him, analyzing the god in great detail. Holy Dad's underpants, Percy thought, his eyes widening. He is my great grandnephew! Ares mistook his expression for fear and promptly smirked. That is, until Percy said, "Apparently your great grand uncle so you'd better show some respect."

Silence met this statement and Percy had fun watching everyone's expressions.

All of the gods stopped talking and stared. The campers that heard did much the same and the Hunt of Artemis and Percy's stared at him in confusion. Percy's hunt was used to him dropping bombs like that.

"How does that work out?" Apollo asked finally.

"Yeah, Ares would be your cousin," Hermes added.

Percy opened his mouth, about to clarify when Athena spoke up. "You just learned this information did you not?" She asked as if she knew the answer already.

Percy nodded and was about to say something when Ares spoke up this time. "Now hang on a second!" He shouted. "What do you mean by that? How old are you?"

"I'm only a little over a centu-"

"Ares that is not something you ask someone!" Hera exclaimed, whacking the back of his head.

"But then that would mean you aren't my son!" Poseidon exclaimed.

Percy gave him a look. Did not Chaos give him baby Percy? Before he could say anything to that, Zeus spoke up as well, "But you were only a demigod!"

"Only?" Clarisse exclaimed along with Thalia. "With out us, you would be Kronos food again!"

"Actually," Percy tried again. "I-"

"And with out you we would not be facing half of the problems we face now!" Zeus fired back.

"And who's fault is that?" Thalia retorted.

Before Zeus could say anything, not that he'd be able to say anything to that, Hestia spoke up. "Hey!" Everyone stopped talking and froze to look at the goddess of the hearth. "Let Percy speak!"

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