Danse Macabre

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The Next Day

With the rising sun, the streets of New York unveiled themselves in the light, showing their real face behind the gleam and glamour of night-life.

On this day, the skies remained sunny from the morning light. The increasingly cold weather changed one's impression of the sky, from crystal-clear to resembling translucent, wintry ice.

"How aggravating..."


Isaac and Miria were once again vexed.

"Can't be... wine, can it?"


The wooden box they had stolen last night. Exactly what was this treasure of the Mafia? Given its weight, the stacks of bills must have been bound very tightly... At the time, they were bursting with anticipation and dreams about the fruits of their labor. Which turned out to be this.

"Why did they need three people for just two bottles of wine... and transport it in the middle of the night, no less?"

"Maybe they wanted to drink it at home, so they were bringing it back?"

"Let's stop regretting this. This is the reward we sacrificed the helmet, mask and tuxedo to get our hands on."

He ended up having to throw away even his tuxedo. Miria obviously couldn't remove her dress, but she changed her clothes. That red dress was placed inside the suitcase.

Now the two were dressed up as a Father and a nun. Neither could possibly be particularly noticed by people on the streets.

"... That's it, this must be high-class wine! Protected by the dragon, the legendary wine that only gods can drink!"


This was actually not far from the truth.

"Now then... what should we do with this?"

"Drink it?"

"Hurm... Drinking all this is a bit... two bottles is far too much for just us..."

"Then, sell it?"

"Can we sell it though...? We need professionals to analyze it for that kind of stuff..."

At this point, Isaac suddenly thought of something.

"I've got it! We can give it to the Martillos! As a present in return for the honey."

"I see! Oh, everyone will definitely be very happy! Something other than honey-mixed alcohol!"

"With this, it'll definitely be a 'good deed'."

"Mm! The children who died can also ascend to heaven!"

Speaking as though they've won something, these two walked towards the 'Alveare'.

In the end, Ennis didn't return to Szilard's side. After some consideration, she decided to find those two and ask them a few questions. Her search had been going on since she saw them at the incident.

Of course, looking for two people you've only just met in a city as large as New York was difficult.

"If this continues... Master Szilard will..."

Even if she went back now it was already too late—Szilard would mercilessly 'kill' her. And even if she hid on the other side of the world, he would easily find her, then kill her anyway.

Aah, did something like gods really exist? If they did, how did one solicit help from them?

Ennis pondered over these things in her heart, then suddenly saw a Fatherly face at the end of the street.

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