Mending A Broken Heart pt. 2

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''But wait - baby let me finish

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''But wait - baby let me finish.'' I said watching Asia lose her mind. This wasn't good for her or our baby, so I needed her to chill. Yes, I knew it was gone be some shit, but damn. Asia was mad crazy and I wasn't trynna get fucked up.

I know y'all remember when she slapped my ass and then threw a vase at me. I won't lie I said some foul shit to her and all, but damn that shit still shock me till this day man. Nothing I ever did to Asia was intentional I know I fuck up, but nobody's perfect and I'm gone make mistakes. I'm only human I'm a man I make mistakes, I'm willing to own up to my shit though and it takes a real one to do so.

Okay, so I fucked on Miracle a couple of times unprotected and that wasn't the move. I know that shit now. I can't take it back, that's the past I can only try to help Asia understand my situation even though it'll be hard as hell. It's hard even trynna explain shit to a woman period because they always think they right. Right now I'm just trynna keep my cool with everything, I'm trynna be a good ass fiancé, I'm trynna be a good man.

Like I said Me and Asia then been through a lot together, I put her through some mad stuff and she even made me mad a couple of times. All in all its love and that'll never change, I know this is something we can move on from and just grow from. I never meant to hurt her or nothing like that, but I figured if she loved me like she say she do then she'd get over it. Not even trynna sound selfish or nothing like that, but that's just the way I feel.

This is just another obstacle for us to get over, we faced worse truth be told and I'm already feeling some type of way about the shit as it is, I don't need Asia to go too far with it.

''No Drew are you serious right now? You can't be .. this better be a joke for yo motha fuckin' sake.''She said pacing the kitchen floor back and forth. It was safe to say she was upset and I got that 100 percent, but she needed to calm down and let me tell her the full story.

I sighed. ''Asia, can you just let me finish?'' I said standing up and walking over to her, but she pushed me back. This was gonna be harder than I thought man.

''Don't come near me Drew for real. I can't even look at you right now.'' She said shaking her head. ''After all we've been through and this is how you do me? While I'm carrying your baby .. your suppose to me my fiancé .. my man. Why do you always gotta fuck me over, damn maybe I'm the dumb one for always taking you back.''She said while I watched the tears fall form in her eyes. I felt horrible on everything I did. I ain't wanna see the woman I loved in tears over some shit that I caused.

I watched her cry countless times before because of me. I shouldn't be making my girl cry unless it's something good or some shit. Now look at this mess I made, shits crazy.

I can't do nothing but talk to her and let her know where I'm coming from even though she not trynna hear shit I gotta say.

''I am Asia .. I am your man and I do love you. I fucked up man and I'm trynna be honest with you and let you know. Baby I had no idea I swear .. I went to her crib and she told me everything. Don't let this make you think we a mistake cause we not. This where we suppose to be.'' I said standing in front of her while she still cried.

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