-Alpha Mason above aka Tyler Hoechlin.

{Scarlett's POV}

I stared at the thin paper before me.

"This is ridiculous!" I said and Ashlee snatched the paper from my hands skimming over it and let out a laugh.

"You have to do community service at The War Pack? That blows." I looked at the brat considering clawing her eyes out.

So tempting. As she noticed my sadistic stare she took a step backwards. Ever since her thirteenth birthday party she's always been a little scared of me. A boy tried to kiss her and I tackled him so quickly that I broke a few of his ribs and bruised his face —only a little—but in my defense he was two years older than her. I wasn't just gonna let him kiss her!

"Looks like you're going to be gone for a bit." Mom said grabbing a bag.

"You're enjoying this!" I exclaimed and she shrugged.

"Sí, you were eventually going to get caught for the little things you did and you have gotten caught. A week or two in The War Pack will be good for you, niña!"

"Mom, it's The War Pack. It's where the scariest of fighters are, and it's where the prisoners live ready to break free and kill everyone in their midst. It's the most terrifying pack, I don't deserve this! It's not like I killed anyone!" I shouted.

"Stop whining, you're giving me a headache." My father said from the living room, sipping his whiskey, glad to know why our money is always gone. How about you stop drinking our money away?

"Yeah, look on the bright side, you're just cleaning the alpha's mansion for the week with other maids, so it could be worse. Plus, you could get to see Alpha Mason, yummy." Ashlee said and I stared gaping at her as my mom rolled up her newspaper whacking it on the back of my sisters head.


"You're sixteen! Act like it. Dios mío." My mother snapped and I grinned.

"And you, get packing! Your ride will be here in an hour." I grimaced at the thought and sighed dragging myself back to my room with the bag my mother gave me.

I watched the scenery go by as I sat in the back of the small car, the driver had not spoken a word. You could tell he was a War Pack member by the tribal tattoo going down his arm, all males in the army were supposed to have it. I'm nervous because of all the stories I've heard, they say Alpha Mason is vicious when he wants to be.

The War Pack was about an hour or two away, so since I had time to kill, I slept.

Later, I was shaken awake and looked around realizing that we had made it. We were parked in front of a huge mansion and my heart leapt looking at it. It was elegant yet scary.

My driver had my bags in his hand and motioned me out. I left the car shutting the door behind me as I exited, and we walked with him to the front doors where two guards opened them and let us walk through.

Minutes after our arrival, a woman walked up to us in a dress looking sharp and professional. Unlike me in my pair of worn out jeans and cheap t-shirt.

"Good afternoon, you must be Scarlett Madison." I nodded and she smiled motioning me to follow her. I took my bags from my driver and followed the woman. "I must admit, when I heard your story, I couldn't help but be confused." She said and I looked to her.

"Why?" I asked. "You stole bread? I mean, you ran for stealing a chunk of bread, but why not just let them arrest you? It would just have been a small fine, resisting only made it worse." Again with the freaking bread.

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