Chapter 18

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"How do I look?"

I ran my hands over the dress I was wearing and turned slowly so Kerrick could see me, he watched intently but in silence.

"You look okay."

"Um, thanks." I smiled gladly, greatful that I was still able to look good in this dress as I did in the other, but I knew I had the jewellery I was wearing to thank for that.

"If you're finished dressing, let's go."

He held my hand and walked along with me until we were outside and in his car. For almost the entire journey I couldn't help staring at him because he looked very handsome due to how well he was dressed. I wanted to mention it to him but thought better of it.

There were so many things I felt when I was around Kerrick that grouping them all under one word was impossible. One thing was certain though, I would never forget the way he humiliated and hurt me.

I made the choice a long time back to focus on other things so I wouldn't be hindered by the things he did, but sometimes I couldn't and all I felt was bitterness and resentment towards him.

Then when we were actually together, the feeling wasn't the same. Hatred and wickedness didn't radiate from his eyes so it was hard keeping up my anger.

When he held my hand, I didn't feel harshness or cruelty and the same went for when he spoke to me and told me to stay calm and relax, I didn't hear anger or frustration in his voice.

I didn't know what to feel around him but I knew my heart didn't hold hatred.

The building where his office was located was in a large corporate area surrounded by many other buildings. The party was being held on one of the floors where Kerrick's father carried out operations sometimes. The original headquarters for their business was in another part of town but the party was being thrown here out of convenience.

"Kerrick?" I wrapped my arm around his gently and looked around for a moment.

"What is it?"

I tightened my grasp a little but surprisingly he was calm. Everyone in the room looked well educated and haughty by the way they spoke and acted, while I felt out of place and uncomfortable amongst them.

"These people, they're all your co-workers?"

"The majority." He gazed at each person blankly and shrugged, seemingly disinterested by them.

"Who are you're friends? Can I meet them?" The words fell from my mouth without much thought but a part of me wanted to know what he was like outside of the house.

"I don't have friends." He stated bluntly as he searched the room for someone. "Only colleagues."

"Oh," I muttered disappointed. "I thought since you played such a big part in operations, people would want to befriend you."

"Precisely, that's why I don't have friends." He tugged on my arm and pulled me across the room. "I have no interest in entertaining people who only want to be around me for their personal gain."

I blinked back a little but his words did make sense. It never occurred to me before that this was probably something he had to face every day. He had to be constantly on the watch for people trying to use and conspire against him because he was the boss's son.

"I've had to work twice as hard as everyone here before I could be acknowledged so I have no intention of doing anyone any favors." His voice had a cold, harsh tone to it and even though his words weren't aimed at me I felt a shiver.

He pulled me to another room before walking towards the doors where he stopped and knocked.

"This is my Father's office." He stared at the doors expectantly but I could see a strong look of dislike in his features. Within moments his father pulled it open, those same dark perceptive eyes watching us and I had to practically fight the urge to turn away from him.

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