Chapter 01: About Me

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My name is Wang Shou Ning[1].

To me, this is a very depressing name.

First, my surname is Wang[2], only the people with the Wang surname can understand my sentimental feelings towards it. When one sees the surname Wang surpass the surname Lee and become the number one most common surname in China, you can only imagine the despair.

When I was in elementary, I had three language art teachers all with the surname Wang. When I was in junior high, my class had five people with the surname Wang. In my university, the school committee categorized their system using the students' names by the surname; I was in complete despair at seeing the long list of surname Wang's in the school records.

I have always admired those public figures in the wuxia novels for having refined compound surnames[3],but I know that it is impossible for me to have one in this lifetime; so when I was in fourth grade, I strongly urged my parents to change my name to Wang Du Gu[4],which caused my mom's face to twist into an ugly shape.

That's also the reason why my nose is no longer straight.

{Editor Input: the implication here is that his mother often twisted his nose for wanting to change his name. Twisting the nose of a child in China has a cute meaning, it's an action of lightly pinching the tip of the nose with two fingers; as in lovingly petting the child. So he was saying that his nose is probably "broken" due to his mother twisting it so much, which must have resulted in him not having a straight prominent nose like the current standard/trend for a man's handsome face.}

Second, my given name is Shou Ning. {Editor's Input: his name means to defend peace =.= it's a very normal name.}

What do you think of this name?

Nothing, right? Exactly.

A person must have a good-looking face. If they aren't good-looking, at least that person must be talented. If they don't have a talent, then it is acceptable on the condition that the person must have a remarkable name. I am very envious of my buddies who have 15 characters in their names; I used to fantasize about naming myself as Wang Jing Tian[5] or Wang Dong Di[6], or at least Wang Xi Zhi[7].

After I expressed my longing for the one hundred and first {101st} time, my fellow roommate who occupied the lower bunk had had enough and told me: "Wang Shou Ning, don't you see yourself as a blade of grass[8]? You are just an NPC in a game, you are the one that is programmed to repeat the same sentences all day. Or if you were in a tv series you would be a background actor walking on the street. Do you see any of these passerby's being graced with a name?"

I, of course, have known this point for quite a long time. I didn't despise his pretentious attitude, so I remained silent.

Since then, I've never mentioned the name change matter again...I've only secretly thought about it from time to time.

Even though I have an ordinary name and an average appearance, I have an extraordinary side about me.

Iam gay.

I used English here because it makes me feel somewhat high class; at least many years ago I had thought this way. That year I had just started online chatting, I was fortunate enough to be able to pursue a little girl. This is such a wonderful thing, unfortunately, I didn't know how to cherish it. So, when she confessed to me, I typed in English that one sentence to her; immediately she typed back one word.

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