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I woke up by the sounds of my phone that keeps on buzzing for a while now.

Who ever is calling me they better make sure that its important or else they would be so dead for disturbing my precious sleep.

I reach out for my phone, too lazy to move at the bed and answered the phone with my eyes still closed "who ever is this be sur-" I was cut off

"HEY Y/N!We need you ASAP!"  He says

"Ugh JAY what the fuck! I told you I was going to sleep right? My head still hurts you know" Im really pissed off right now, i just landed back here at LA a while ago and I still have a jetlag.

"I know but COME ON Y/N! It's already evening hello? so atleast you got a decent sleep by now" I looked up at the window which is already dark and I check the time it's almost 7pm "There's this a big event here down town where in the band who's about to perform can't make it and they called us to perform instead! So move your ass out of the bed and go get a shower" He says excitedly.

"But it's--" I was about to protest when he cut me off again "no buts Y/N/N, I already accepted their offer so be here at an hour, I'll text you the address so we can do some rehearsals" he says and ended the call

Great, now I don't have I choice do I 🙄.

So I lazily walk out of my bed and took a shower. After few minutes, I'm just applying some make up to cover up my dark circles in eyes cause I still don't have enough sleep. I don't usually put make up but when i do, i can say that I'm pretty decent, enough to make people turn their heads, pretty cocky huh, but naaah I'm just normal, average looking. Jay texted me the address and before i got out i check myself once more, I'm wearing some tattered pants some vans and some tee and with my signature leather jacket. "I think I'm good to go" i says to myself while i grabbed my keys and shades.

It's kinda weird for others but it's a habit of mine, driving with my windows down. I easily get dizzy without fresh air but on the other hand I also love seeing the city, admiring the buildings and the busy people. " Ow how I miss this"  while engulfing the fresh air

So while I'm driving let me tell you a bit o myself, I'm Y/N L/N, 22 and it's been two weeks since I left LA because of some events my Dad want me to attend along with him.

Well to tell you the truth, I'm not rich but my Dad is. He own a lot of businesses and has his own company, so yeah I kinda have a good life.  My dad and I are really close but now he became busy and all and so was I, especially in college. But we're catching up when we got time or when he just misses me that much and he kept on saying that he's mad at me cause I'm not visiting him something like that. He wanted me to be involve with his businesses and he kept on bugging me lately that why I flew to England. I'm suppose to be there till next week but I can't take it anymore. It's just that i miss it here, I miss this scenery ,my friends, and bandmates, everything. Living in LA is one of the best decision I made. .

When i graduated in highschool I told my father that i want to study here at LA for college but at first he really don't want me to go cause I'm his only daughter and that he's really overprotective when it comes to me unlike toward my brother. So I ask for the help of my brother, Bailey to convince my dad that I'm old enough and i can manage myself there.


"Dad come on I'm old enough I can handle myself. And you made a promise right, that when I graduate you'll give me whatever I want"

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