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Being a baddie is all about two things. Look & attitude.

We all can agree, key to being a baddie is having the right attitude.

First things first, confidence. You cannot walk into a room with your head down & expect anyone to think you're a baddie.

Walk in, head up high, & make eye contact.

Remember you slay all these hoes in one.

You walk in like that, you own the rooms attention with the right outfit.

Do NOT put yourself in one social level. Talk to anyone, on any social level.

& remember be Nice. Kindness goes a long way with people. & people will admire you for not being rude.

Wither its your first day of school, or your first job interview. Remember.

You slay, & you're amazing.

Nervousness is common, but that doesn't mean you can't give a good first impression

Just remember to have confidence & walk in, & own it

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