Chapter 46

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Jaxon's POV

"Come on, baby. You gotta eat something, darling." I softly murmur as I kneel down next to Erin's bed, placing the blood bag that's in my hand on top of her covers. Erin hasn't moved for this same exact spot in two days. I pull the covers down away from her face, and I'm being greeted by that same sad expression she's had since Arlo's left the house. She's been crying on and off, refusing to eat.

I placed my hand on the side of her face, slowly combing my fingers through her hair as some lone tears leak out of her eyes. "Please eat, Erin, I don't want you to get sick." I pick the blood bag back up in my hands, bring it up to my face and pierce my fangs through it. "You don't have to finish it, just take a few drinks, baby, that way you have something in your system."

She takes in a deep ragged breath and brings her hand out from her cocoon blanket, reaching for the bag. She brings the bag up to her lips and takes the two smallest drinks I've ever seen in my life, but I don't push it, something is better than nothing. Someone knocks on her door gently as she's handing me back the blood.

"Yeah?" I crane my head back towards the door and hear one of the many familiar voices from this house.

"Lucius wants to speak with you," Tony says flatly.

"I'll be right out," I grab the bag from Erin placing it on her nightstand incase she decides to drink it on her own later, and stand up from where I've been kneeling. I lean over the bed, placing a gentle kiss on my girlfriends head, "I'll be back in a bit," then make my way out of the bedroom.

I walk out into the hallway and notice that Tony's still out here waiting for me, leaning against the hallway wall. "How's she doing?" He asked quietly.

I start walking towards him and shrug my shoulders, "I got her to eat a bit today."

"That's good, the boss will be happy to hear that."

I don't say anything in return and we make our way downstairs in silence. Once were outside of Lucius office, Tony gently knocks on the door and Lucius is instructing us step inside. We walk into his office and I notice that he's sitting down at his desk with his phone glued to his ear, he points over to the chairs and I obey making my way over to them and take a seat as he finishes his heated conversation.

"- I don't care what you fucking you do, just fucking get it done already!" He ends his call, tossing his phone onto his desk. Great, he would be in a bad mood when I come in to see him.

"Wymark, get Richie to get a location on Arthur and come me as soon as you have it."

"Yes, sir."

Tony turns around and makes his way out of Lucius office, shutting the door behind him.

"Is she still not eating?" He asks, referring to his daughter.

"It's not much, but she's taking small drinks here and there. I can't get her to take anymore than that no matter how much I beg."

"No, good, that's fine, don't force her. As long as she's getting some type of nutrition into her body." I nod my head not really knowing what else to say. Lucius stays quiet massaging the base of his temples with one hand. He looks stressed, he always does when it comes to Erin.

"I didn't call you in here to talk about, Erin." He begins, "as it seems, I'm short a man due to Delisli's sudden leave, and I don't really trust anyone else to fill in his spot." I stare at Lucius quietly, eyeing him, not really getting at where he's going with this.

Lucius rolls his eyes and shakes his head, while letting out a low sigh, "believe it or not... I trust you, Garrels."

"You do?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows.

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