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{Scarlett's POV}

"At least make yourself look presentable." Mother scolded trying to pat down my hair as I fought with her to push her hands away as we whispered to each other angrily.

"Enough!" My father yell whispered and we both came to a halt: my hands around her wrist, her hands on my hair.

I looked around as people from the intelligence pack looked at us as if we were aliens. She pulled away from my hair smoothing her shirt out and I growled lowly causing them to look away.

We made our way to the center of the pack where the hearing would be held at the courthouse. It just hit me at how serious this is, I don't want to go to pack jail! I'm too young, and well... it's jail.

We walked to the front of the courthouse and guards walked out to meet us taking me by the arms.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let go!" I tried struggling but they tightened their hold on me in response, they were too strong.

"It's just a precaution, calm down. We're just taking you to your seat, you are untrustworthy as of right now." A guard said to me glaring as if I was already guilty and sentenced.

"It was bread!" I practically whined out.

"It was resisting arrest." The guard snapped. I looked up and fought back a grin. He was one of the people I ran from. Ha, too slow.

Reluctantly, I stopped my thrashing and went with them glancing back at my parents who were following close behind. This was so embarrassing, it was BREAD. Sure, I ran from the police, but a lot of people do; it's on TV all the time. So what? So, you're delusional, my subconscious spoke.

As the huge mahogany doors opened people stood and waited for me to take my seat, wow they're going all out for me, I should applaud them and their audacity. The guards brought me to my seat and my parents sat behind me with other pack members who were wanting something to gossip about later.

"All rise." Said the judge.

I glanced around as everyone stood and the judge directed his attention towards me. "Oh, OH!" I quickly rose to my feet and stood, my cheeks turning a light pink.

After a moment we all sat and someone came sitting next to me as the judge talked to the guards.

"I'm your attorney." She stated matter of factly. My eyes widened at the woman, I can't pay for this.

"Don't worry. It's your basic right to one, even if you can't afford it." She whispered back setting papers out from her briefcase and organizing them.

"This is so stupid, bread, really?" She mumbled to herself.

"Thank you!" I said loudly and everyone looked at me once more causing me to sink in my seat. I was definitely out of my place here.

My attorney walked up to the judge handing him a paper talking to him as did the other attorney. They seemed in a heated discussion.

"That's absurd!" The other said and the woman shrugged.

"You're really trying to make a young girl from the sectors pay a two hundred dollar fine? She was scared and she ran, it happens. It would be different if she was caught stealing jewelry or selling drugs, but a chunk of bread? Do you have no compassion?" She snapped at him shutting him up.

"I'll allow it, I'll contact him. I agree with the girl, it's stupid to waste the court's time and resources for such petty charges. I'm sick of being brought here for silly trials." Said the judge and my attorney smirked walking back to her seat with a smug look.

"What did you just request?" I asked.

"That I speak to the alpha for a different plea. His people are putting civilians in court over the stupidest things now, so they're just looking for trouble and people's money. One person was cleaning and scratched a floor, so the owners demanded to see them in court. I don't understand this pack anymore. " She said inter whining her fingers together and shaking her head in disgust.

"Why call him here for such a small hearing though?" I asked.

"Maybe if I keep calling him down here, he'll stop these stupid little trials and get a new person managing their systems!" She growled out.

"You seem to know him well to request him like that." I said and she nodded.

"I'm his sister." I was about to question why she was an attorney, but I thought against it. It wasn't my business and I was below her.

Minutes later the doors opened and from the power that radiated into the room, I knew he had arrived.

"Sister, why have you called me here again?" He asked annoyed making his way to us.

As I laid my eyes on him, I never knew how handsome someone could be. He stared her down, obviously annoyed.

"Do you know what this trial was about?" She asked and he shook his head.

"I don't know? She attack someone or something?" He asked looking to me and I felt like an ant under his stare.

"No, she stole a piece of bread. Literally, like a chunk." She said and the other attorney started to say something but the Alpha held his hand up stopping him.

I looked around as his pack members stood star struck by the alpha, like they were graced to be in his presence, people even gathered at the back doors. I guess their alpha is like a celebrity to them.

"You're telling me, all this is for a piece of bread?" he asked running his hand over his face.

"What is this pack coming to?" He mumbled to himself.

"Yes, your people keep bringing the stupidest of cases into the court! A fine would be appropriate or community service even! They're wasting everyone's time by continuously bringing these petty cases here." You go girl!

"She ran from the pack police, she resisted arrest! It's illegal." The other attorney blurted out and I squinted my eyes at him, what a snitch.

The alpha gazed at me briefly and turned towards the judge.

"How much was the fine, what sector is she in, and any past history with pack police?" He asked as if I wasn't sitting right here.

"Two hundred dollar fine and she resides in sector C, alpha. She also has no criminal history." He answered respectfully bowing his head.

"Drop the fine to one hundred, order community service. No one should be put on trial for being hungry. The fine is for the act of stealing the bread, and the service is for resisting arrest. This is a warning. Call Melissa, I want a talk with her and the pack police. Someone for the sake of all that is right and holy in this world, please send some food to the sectors! I'll pay." He said and then pointed at his sister.

"You follow me. You're gonna learn to stop pulling me from meetings. How many times have I told you, only call for me if it's life or death." What a charmer.

I turned facing my mom who had a look of relief.

"Everyone dismissed." He called out and turned heading for the doors.

"You are one lucky son of a gun." My father stated.

"I don't want to even think what my community service is." I grumbled out following my parents.

"Don't even try to complain, it could have been so much worse." Mom said angrily.

That freaking chunk of bread.


What do you think her community service will be? Hmmm.

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