Chapter 5

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"Emiko, are you going to be staying late?" Yui asked the newest member of the girls volleyball team.

"Yeah, i want to practice a bit. If you want to go home i'll lock up." Emiko replied as she hit the volleyball, making it fly over the net with a lot of force.

"Well, alright then. Don't stay to late." Yui replied, amazed that a girl that got into Shiratorizawa Academy transferred to Karasuno. Maybe the had a chance of winning, just maybe. However, just because one member had exceptional skills it didn't mean that that one member would carry the whole team if they were miles behind in skill. Yui tossed Emiko the keys and walked away after seeing her catch them. She spent about half an hour more practicing her serves, and then cleaned up.

Hearing her brother shouting outside she quickened her pace and locked the gym up, putting the keys in her bag as to not lose them. The shouting got louder as Tobio and Hinata neared the girls gym.

"Tobio, what are you doing?" she asked loudly, trying to be heard over their screaming. Tobio and Hinata stopped in front on the gym door where she stood on the steps, facing them as the moon shone down on her black hair.

"I-We-" as he tried answering he was cut of by Hinata.

"We challenged our senpais and we have a three on three match on Saturday!" Hinata shouted surprising Emiko as she listened to him speak.

"You, what?" she asked dumbfounded, the thought that her brother would do something so stupid never crossed her mind.

"We challenged our senpais to a three on three." Tobio grumbled out, looking at the ground, knowing that his sister asking again wasn't a good sign.

"You idiots! Do you not realize that they have more experience than you? Tobio you might have great skill but you don't put it to good use with other people! And Hinata, your receives! Don't get me started on them! Who is the other player on your team?" she shouted at the two first years.

"Tanaka is on our team." Tobio grumbled out, rubbing his forearm with his left hand.

"Tobio, what penalty is there?" she asked quietly, knowing that there had to be a catch.

"If we win we get into the club, if they win, i-i can't be a setter anymore." Tobio mumbled out incoherently, making Emiko strain her hearing to try and catch a snippet of what he said.

"Repeat, but this time in a language i can understand." Emiko ordered and placed her hands on her hips.

"If we lose i can't be a setter." he said slightly louder, but still not loud enough for her to hear him correctly. Hinata was bouncing around trying to get their attention to no avail, they continued ignoring him as they proceeded with their conversation.

"Louder, Tobio." Emiko said one last time, sighing as she listened carefully to the words he spoke.

"I can't be a setter as long as the third years are here if we lose." Tobio said loudly, looking at the ground which seemed to be thousands of times more interesting than what his sister had to say.

"Tobio, i'll help you guys practice. What time will you be ready to practice?" Emiko asked softly, knowing how much being a setter meant to Tobio.

"Really?" Hinata asked loudly, finally drawing Emiko's attention to him. She nodded in response and smiled warmly at the small boy.

"We'll be ready for five in the morning." Tobio told her once she responded to Hinata. Emiko nodded once more.

"If that's the time we're meeting up at, then we should go home." Emiko said wisely, knowing that if the boys don't go to sleep early today they'll be tired tomorrow. With a quick nod and wave, Hinata run of, leaving a tempted Tobio and Emiko. Tobio wanted to race the short boy with bountiful energy but knew better than to leave his sister by himself. "Let's go home, Tobio." She told him softly, walking in the direction Hinata run off to.

The next morning Emiko and Tobio woke up at four, not wanting to be late for their practice. As they walked to school the birds tweeted around them, making the two wonder how anyone or anything could be this happy in the mornings. Emiko held a portable cup in her hands, sipping the boiling liquid from time to time, heating up her insides gradually. She was thinking about what they should practice when they reach the gym, which areas if their playing needed the most improvement. For Hinata it just so happened to be received and almost everything. Sure he had natural talent, but he didn't refine it over the years. While Hinata had a lot to work on Tobio did too, he just didn't know how to set a ball so everyone can spike it. He never shot it how the spiked wanted, he only shot it the way that would guarantee a point. Some would say this is a good thing, but in reality if the spiker doesn't like how the ball is set, it's less likely for them to hit the ball with full power. The Kageyama siblings walked in a comfortable silence, both deep in thought as they soon reached the gym. There stood Hinata, yawning slightly, but when he saw them a bright smile appeared on his face, waking them up a bit.

"Have you been waiting long?" Emiko asked and then took a sip of the hot chocolate in her cup.

"No. I got here about a minute ago." He answered shaming his head.

"Well, let's get into the gym then." Emiko told them and waited for them to open the door, assuming they would have the key or that it would be open.

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