Chapter One|| A little bread never hurt nobody

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{Scarlett's POV} Character trailer above!

I ran as fast as my legs could take me. The growls were heard throughout the forest, bouncing off the trees, taunting me. They were coming from every direction, and I had no clue where to go. My paws hit the ground harder as I forced my wolf to move quicker; taking her beyond her limits as her soft whimpers echoed around in my mind. The growls grew more quiet and I realized I was losing them. Seeing a river ahead, I jumped in and began swimming quickly across it and allow my scent to be lost in the flow of the water. I  continued on, forging ahead down a familiar path.    

As I kept running, my wolf slowed her pace needing to rest. I took over control shifting mid walk, bare for all to see. I quickly made my way to the small, yet familiar cottage and opened the door slipping in, locking it behind me, panting heavily. Still on guard, I threw on some clothes and collapsed onto my bed out of breath. Phew, I need to run more.

"What have you done now?" I turned startled seeing my younger sister leaning up against the doorframe of my bedroom.

"I stole some bread from the market." I said and she sighed exasperated.

"How many times have mom and dad told you? We don't steal!" She scorned.

"I was hungry, Ashlee." I snapped and causing her to flinch.

"I know, we all are, but being in the sectors puts us in that position, we just have to hope. Like mom and dad tells us to." She said and I scoffed.

"Hope for what exactly? I clean people's houses for money, dad works in the mines, and mom can barely even sew anymore for her job. Face it, we're poor. No one is going to accept us into a pack, and they sure as hell don't care about the sectors anymore! They aren't bringing people up anymore! I've prayed to the Goddess and I know when to give up." I stood to my feet shaking my head as she stared intensely at me.

"Ashlee, we're at the bottom of the food chain and there's nothing we can do about it. You're too young to understand." I brushed past her and headed towards the kitchen, which was once again empty.

"Im sixteen!" She countered and I just decided to ignore her.

My stomach rumbled as I thought about the situation with the bread earlier. I was just so hungry I couldn't help myself.

I growled annoyed, how come the packs get to live in luxury and we, the sectors, have to suffer?

Around the world there is a 'PS System', or in other words, a personal status system that most would call a caste system. It started in the states after the last war broke out. The war was brutal. The witches declared war on wolves for basically dominating the world, which broke the  peace treaty we had with them. In short, they hated us.

At a young age I could never understand why, but now the humans rule under wolves command. The witches had no say. They regretted not winning in the war. I see why now, but could there not have been another way?

The monarchy started when the richest family decided it was time for a change. They found a witch that agreed to help them and performed some very deep, dark magic. Which resulted in the creation of the Royal Family. The king's pack destroyed the witches, completely wiped them out. At the time, rumors swirled that the royals had the help of an unknown witch, a witch that still to this day no one could identify. I never knew why she helped them. I had always thought it was a myth or legend and still kind of do.

If you're not in any of the top packs, you're at the bottom—poor, useless, and seen as weak— and forced to live life in the sectors, with no chance at advancing into a pack. Basically  sectioned off land made for the sole purpose of keeping poor people away from the packs and royal family. Sickness was a big deal in the sectors too.  We weren't given doctors, or medical support. Lets just say, we were no stranger to death.

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