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I'm updating early in the morning because I'll be going to the movies with my mother and there's a 50/50 chance we might go to the mall afterwards so I don't know if I'll be home in time to update on my usual time. 

I love the fact that I'm converting everyone to the Mevin side but tbh, I am freewinging this story so I don't know how long the Mevin will last. 

Mitch whimpered and he gripped Kevin's bicep tightly. 

"Take in a deep breath, try not to scream so you don't wake the others alright? If you need to, bite into my shoulder." 

Mitch nodded and he clenched both hands, earning a 'tsk' and a tap on his left wrist. 

"Don't clench this hand. It's going to make it harder for me to reposition your wrist, relax. " 

Mitch nodded and relaxed his left wrist, felling Kevin's hands grab onto the bases. He closed his eyes and heard Kevin counting from one. 

"One, two." Kevin whispered, then twisting Mitch's wrist roughly. 

Mitch's hand tightened on Kevin's bicep and his teeth dug into Kevin's shoulder as he let out a small scream, all while puling his wrist away from Kevin's grip. He felt tears in his eyes and he tucked both of his hands into his chest while cuddling into Kevin's embrace.

"i'm sorry, Munchie. Let me put a brace on your wrist and I'll put it in a sling for you." 

Mitch sniffled and he wiped his tears away before sitting back against the wall while holding his left wrist close to him. He then held it out hesitantly and staring up at Kevin with his glossy eyes. He watched Kevin take his shirt off and rip it to shreds before reaching under the counter to grab a wrist brace. 

Kevin stood up and carefully placed grabbed Mitch's wrist to slip the brace on. Once he knew the Velcro stuck together, Kevin used his torn shirt to create a sling for Mitch's arm, having to reach behind his neck to tie the two ends into a knot. He heard Mitch sniffled again and he shifted to where his legs wrapped around Kevin's waist. 

"C-Can I sleep with you tonight? I put one of our body pillows in Scott's arms so he won't know I'm gone." Mitch asked and he threw his unrestrained arm around Kevin's arm, making sure not to put too much pressure on his other. 

"Of course. Avi likes to go out hunting this early anyway. The bed will be empty." 

Mitch felt his heart drop at the sound of Avi's name, forgetting about the lumberjack until now. "Are you guys together?"  He asked and he felt himself getting lifted off of the counter. 

"As a couple? I don't really think so. I talked to Avi about it and he said he wanted me to find someone else. He doesn't want to be put into a relationship right now and I understand that. He really likes being out here at times to be one with nature so I let him be alone." Kevin replied as he walked out of Mitch's bathroom and towards his room. 

Mitch let out a soft sigh of relief and he glanced towards his room before tucking his face in Kevin's neck and closing his eyes. 

"Why do you ask?" 

Mitch opened his eyes and his face turned red quickly, practically hearing the smirk in Kevin's voice. "No reason." He squeaked. He felt Kevin stifle a laugh before opening the door to his room. 

Kevin walked into his room and closed the door before walking towards the pallet on the ground. He set Mitch down in the blankets as gently as he could and went to stand up but his foot got caught in the blankets and he slipped, having to push his hands on either side of Mitch's head to keep himself from falling. He attempted to stand up again but he felt Mitch's hand grasp the side of his neck. 

"Kevin, will you just kiss me? Just once?" Mitch asked, his voice cracking and shaking as he spoke. 

"K-Kiss you? Aren't you with Scott?" Kevin asked. 

"Well, yeah but.." Mitch sighed and he let his hand drop from Kevin's neck and he sat up to scoot into the corner of the room. "I don't know... Forget it." He whispered and he curled up into a small ball, his face tucked into his knees. 

"No, Mitch. I would be honored to kiss you but, I don't want to ruin what you and Scott have." Kevin tried to reassure and he grabbed Mitch's hand. 

"He doesn't even care about me, Kevin, what is there to ruin anymore?" Mitch mumbled and his heart strings were tugged at roughly before he felt tears drip down his face. 

"Of course he cares about you, Mitch. He just has a hard way of showing it." Kevin said and he sat next to Mitch against the wall. 

"I don't think spitting harsh words at me and ripping my wrist out of its socket is called caring. Plus, he's been like this ever since we've got to this cabin. It's like he's a different person." Mitch lifted his head and placed his chin on the top of his knees. "Who knows what'll happen if this keeps up. I'll probably end up dead before we can go back to the city." 

Kevin stayed silent and he hooked a finger under Mitch's chin before tilting it his way. He watched as Mitch's eyes darted to stare into his own before glancing at his lips. He leaned forward and went to kiss Mitch but the door slammed open making the two jump apart, Mitch hitting his elbow on the wall making him gasp and hold his arm protectively. 

The two looked up and saw Jeremy standing in the doorway. "There you are Mitch. Scott is going crazy because he can't find you, go calm him down." Jeremy hissed and he went to grab Mitch by his hand. 

"NO!" Mitch screamed and he hid himself behind Kevin. "I don't want to see him!" 

"Mitch, he's going to tear the house down if he doesn't see you, get out there." Jeremy yanked Mitch from the corner and began to push him towards the door. 

Mitch's eyes widened and he tried to stop himself from moving and ended up tripping on his feet which resulted in him falling out of the door, meeting eyes with Scott who was walking out of their room. 

"Mitch! There you are!" Scott ran forward and he grabbed Mitch by both arms, pulling him in for a tight hug, his shoulders relaxing as he felt Mitch's warm touch. He then pushed Mitch away and pressed their lips together for a rough kiss before hugging him again. 

Mitch turned his head to see Kevin standing up, walking to his bedroom door and slamming it shut. 

"I was so worried about you, don't leave like that again." Scott cried and his arms tightened around Mitch's body before he was picked up like a sack of potatoes and carried Mitch back to his regular room. 

Mitch nodded and he stayed silent as he was placed on the cold bed and tucked into the blankets. He was turned on his side and Scott cuddled him from behind, his scruff scratching Mitch's neck before he calmed and went back to sleep. 

Mitch sniffed the sheets and frowned when they didn't smell like a comforting scent. They smelled musky and had a tangy scent of alcohol. He wanted to get up and go back to Kevin's room but knew he would get in trouble for doing so, so he stayed still, not sleeping for the next few hours before it was time for breakfast. 


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