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Fact one: my nicknames consist of Loz, Lozza and Lozzy

Fact two: ok so basically I've been told they are blue, green, hazel and grey. Basically they tend to change.

Fact three: my hair is brown, what more can I say?

Fact four: one fact about me is that I have a fedora fetish ( seriously ask any of my friends I really do, since ash wore one I just go crazy when I see them)

Fact five: my favorite colour is blue.

Fact six: my favorite place is probably the MCG (Melbourne cricket ground) it's the homeground for my favorite footy (AFL) team, Melbourne.

Fact seven: my favorite musical celebrity is Ashton Irwin ( he is my baby, if I ever hear a bad thing said about him I will find you). But if it were for celebrity's in general is have to say either Chris Pratt or Ryan Reynolds.

Fact eight: my favorite animal is a wedge tail eagle.

Fact nine ok so I have a few but I would probably have to say victory call (black veil brides), invisible, broken home, castaway, a place between a rock and a hard place (5sos), King for a day, Bulls in the Bronx, a match into water (pierce the veil), oh my (illy), paint your wings, remembering Sunday, therapy, the irony of choking on a life saver ( all time low) and I can't be stuffed writing the rest so BASICALLY I HAVE ALOT OF FAVORITE SONGS

Fact ten: I absolutely love books so I'm just gonna say my two favorites, first is looking for Alaska ( John green), and the infernal series (Cassandra Claire)

I tag:

I can't be fucked tagging 20 people ( do I even have that many friends?) and you don't have to do it if ya don't wanna I just needed people to tag.

Hope you enjoyed!

DM is always open!

-Lauren ❤️💛💚💙💜

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