Serpent (Part 3) - JJ 👑

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I watch as Y/N walks alone to her next class. Reggie laughs and she keeps walking, ignoring the idiotic jock as best as she could.

"Hey Serpent Slut." I feel like punching him as Archie and I watch the scene unfold. She just keeps walking, brushing it off like any passing comment.

"Why didn't she say anything?" Archie sighs.

"Because she loves you, Jughead. And she's willing to take anything for you." I groan.

"No, she's not. I'm just one of her experiments." Archie stares at me like I'm crazy. He scoffs, rolling his eyes.

"I can't believe you don't see it! Why would she do that? She's the nicest person we know, Jug." Archie walks away, probably off to Chemistry. We have that together, but I don't feel like going to class right now. Cheryl soon approaches me as I walk through the abandoned hall.

"Aren't you meant to be in class, Cheryl?" She smirks.

"I could ask the same about you, Forsythe." I scowl back at her.

"Get to the point." She straightens up, glaring at me sharply.

"It's about Y/N." My jaw drops open slightly and she rolls her eyes.


"She's my best friend. I know when there's trouble in paradise. When Jason died, the Blossoms weren't the only ones to take it hard. Y/N took it so badly, she barely left her room the whole summer. She told everyone she was visiting her grandparents in Texas, but she was actually grieving. She vowed to never open up again, but then she came back to school and remembered you, her best friend and her crush. When you asked her out five months ago, she was over the moon. She was finally happy again. She had fallen in love. Jughead, she saw you as this amazing guy and when you admitted to being broken, she wanted to help. You weren't one of her so-called projects you keep talking about. She cares for everyone because she has a kind soul, not so she can feel good about herself. When you came home last night, she was scared you were dead and that she'd lose you too. When you punched the wall, she thought you were going to hit her. Veronica called me last night and said Y/N had never been so scared in her life. She had a panic attack, Jughead. Talk to her please." Cheryl walks away, leaving me to think. I feel so ashamed. Y/N thinks I'm going to hit her. I mean, I don't blame her. I was such a huge dick last night. Tears uncontrollably fill my eyes and I walk out of the school, making my way towards the trailer park. Most of the Serpents are hanging around, sitting in their usual positions.

"Hey Jughead!" Joaquin yells out, drawing attention to me. I can feel my fists clenched in my jacket pockets as I keep my eyes to the ground.

"Yo Jughead." Toni walks up to you. "What's wrong? Someone bothering you?" I sigh and ran my hand through my hair. I had ditched the beanie ever since I joined the Serpents.

"It's my girlfriend." Toni looks at me puzzled.

"You mean Y/N? What happened?" She wraps his arm around my shoulder and guides me over to Fangs and Sweet Pea, who are both sitting on the bonnets of their cars.

"I did something really bad and I feel like I've lost her." Fangs pats the spot on the bonnet he was sitting on and I slide on next to him.

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