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I followed Aaron, as he walked towards the entrance hall. He didn't seem angry when he heard his father shouting his name, in fact, he just smiled at that moment. Maybe this won't be as bad as I think it would be.

He already mentioned, how much his father trust James and if James is really left with nothing, as Aaron puts it, then Ethan will be very angry, but if Aaron is being cool and calm then there isn't much to worry.

I stopped in my tracks, when I saw Aaron's father was not the only one waiting for us, in the entrance hall, James and Lahaina were there too.

Lahaina glared at me as I walked towards them whereas James looked anywhere except at Aaron. I literally gasped when I saw James' bruised face. He was holding a handkerchief near his nose, that had quite a many blood stains, and an ice bag, in his other hand, close to his cheeks.

Aaron turned to look at me when I gasped but shrugged and looked away the next moment. Damn, this man!

"You really went all the way to my father to complain about me? That's too childish. You're behaving like you're still in school and I'm a bully" Aaron said to James. Though, his words sound amusing but his face was devoid of any expressions.

"What you did was childish, Aaron. Explain your act" Ethan said in an angry tone.

"We may sit and talk" Aaron said and sat down on the sofa, looking as comfortable and carefree as ever.

I moved towards him and sat next to him while Ethan sat on a different couch and stared at Aaron. Lahaina rolled her eyes at Aaron and walked towards another couch, with James, to sit, but Aaron stopped them.

"I didn't say that to you both so, you may remain standing" he said, glaring holes in James head.

James, who was about to sit, stood up straight and looked humiliated.

Ethan frowned and said with clenched teeth, "Where are your manners, Aaron?"

"I threw them in the dustbin before coming here. Anyway, I have no plans of changing my furniture any time soon, so they'll remain standing" he said, still looking at James.

Ethan gritted his teeth in anger and turned towards James, "you both may sit down".

I looked at their faces randomly, Lahaina was angry, James was confused, Ethan was staring at Aaron and Aaron was glaring James, daring him to sit.

"We'll remain standing. No worries, just continue your talk" James said to Ethan. Ethan got more angry whereas Aaron smirked in triumph.

Holy crap! This is even worse than I imagined it would be!

"Fine. Explain" Ethan said to Aaron.

"Why should I? It's my company, I will take the decisions and no one can question me about it. Not even you. By the way, you never bothered whenever I took over small companies, then why now?" Aaron questioned.

I have never seen Ethan so angry. He always smiles and talks nicely to me and everyone else, he doesn't appear to be the kind of person who fakes concern and care. Though, Aaron told me about how his relationship with his dad changed after his mother's death, I never witnessed any harshness between them. Ethan always talks lovingly to Aaron, it was always Aaron who used to show no interest in communicating with his dad, but the way they both are talking today, shows how far they have come from a normal father-son relationship.

"Because James Marshall is my friend and I know you hate him. I don't know what he did to earn so much hatred from you and I'm tired of telling you that he is not what you think he is. You took away his company and practically every other thing he had, just because you hate him? That's sick Aaron! Juliea went with a lawyer to file a case against you but I stopped her. You want to end up in jail? If I had not stopped her, you would have been behind the bars till this time!" Ethan shouted and I looked at him with my eyes bugging out.

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