Never trust a snake

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  Zane's dream

The falcon flew and sitted down on a power pole. Suddenly it began to talk.

"Wake up Zane... I know--" The falcon got cut off by Zane hitting his head on the bed above.
Zane rub his head and gets up. He walks into the bridge where sensei Wu were standing, reading a map. 

"The hunt starts early today." Zane say to Wu.

"A watchful eye, never sleeps" Wu reply.

"As long as Lloyd, his friend and the serpentin's moves freely, no one in ninjago is safe." Nya stats.

"Where are the others?" Zane ask

"Training on the upper deck." Wu answer.

Zane walks to the upper deck where Wu said they would be. There was training material, but no ninjas. Zane heard the falcon and looked up, to see it sitting on top of the sail mast. 

"You were in my dream, little friend. Last time I saw you, you led me to good fortune. For what reason have you returned?" Zane say to the bird.

It flew away. Zane followed to the railing. He looked out to see if there was anything. Sudden he turn around, facing Lord Garmadon.

"Lord Garmadon! But you are banished!" 

"Only to return for the weapons of spinjitzu. Soon I will have the power to recreate ninjago in my own image" Lord Garmadon say and took up two swords and hit them towards Zane.
Zane jumped out of the way and took up his ice shurikens. Lord Garmadon turned around.

"Give me your shurikens!" He shout to Zane.

"You'll have to take them from me! Ninjago!" Zane shout, and did his spinjitzu.

He spun closer, aiming for lord Garmadon. Lord Garmadon just grabbed his collar and threw Zane over the boat. Zane fell on the training stuff. Lord Garmadon cutted a rope that held up a big wooden box. It fell down towards Zane. But just before it could hit him two ninjas saved him. One in green, and one in yellow. They carried the heavy box and together, threw it away like nothing. 

"The legendary green and yellow ninjas! The legends true!" Zane gasped when he saw them.
Lord Garmadon and the two legendary ninjas began to fight. Lord Garmadon tried to hit the ninjas, but at once they jumped up on top of the swords. 

Lord Garmadon spun around, making the green ninja jump off and use the mast to land perfectly. The yellow ninja had jumped backwards and were standing a bit behind Zane. Lord Garmadon threw his sword at the green ninja, who dodged them without problem. Zane looked back at the yellow ninja. He were holding his arms like an x in front of his face. When he took them away, (I write "he" because the don't know the gender, and everyone thinks that all ninjas are males) he grew taller. His skin grew (S/C), and his eyes got a beautiful (E/C) color.

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