15 - Will you lay with me?

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Parker wasn't impressed that Luca had bought Eddie such an expensive gift

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Parker wasn't impressed that Luca had bought Eddie such an expensive gift. Eddie knew he was angry but had done her best to calm him down and promised to call him before she went to bed.

Luca and Eddie ended up on Wall Street to find Mark's building. Mark was the one who spotted them first as he was making his way to the subway.

"EDDISON!" He called out to her causing Eddie and Luca to search for where his voice has come from. It was something out of an old movie as Eddie found Mark and runs towards him. Luca was jealous of the relationship his brother had with Eddison but it had always been like that.

Eddie wraps her arms around Mark's neck and he lifts her off the ground.
"Why are you working on a Saturday?" Se asks, "I was shocked when your mum told us."

"No rest for the wicked bella. What are you doing in New York?"

"Luca decided we needed a weekend road trip and Parker was busy studying."

At the mention of Parker Mark looks to his brother for a reaction. Luca's face is cold only smiling when Eddie turns to look at him. Luca pulls Eddie away from his brother wrapping an arm around her waist. Eddie relaxes into Luca's hold and all thoughts of Parker disappear.

The three head home to Queens via the subway and are met by the smell of roasted garlic as they enter the Morreti house.
"Ma I invited Sienna for dinner!" Mark calls to his mother from the lounge room. Eddie elbows him in the stomach.

"So things are going well huh?"

Eddie notices Mark blush and she grins.

"I like her." He replies with a shrug.

"Have you told her?" Luca questions.

"Yup" Mark says popping the 'p' "and it made thing even better."

Maria calls the brothers in to set the table as Eddie answers the door to find Sienna Romano.


"Hi Sienna, how are you?"

"I'm great thanks. Mark didn't say you'd be here" Sienna replies pulling Eddie in for a hug.

"Luca and I decided on a last minute road trip to fill our weekend."

"Are you and Luca...?"

"No!" Eddie says quickly, "no Luca would never see me like that we are just friends."

Eddie doesn't realise Luca hears her as he walks out from the kitchen. Luca detects sadness in her voice as she said 'we are just friends'.

"Ladies, dinner is ready." Luca says announcing himself. "Sienna, do you mind if I steal Eddie for a second?"

"Not at all" Sienna leaves the pair in the lounge room.

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