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Hey guys! Chapter ten!!! Oh my god! Anyways, love ya'll!

Danielle's (POV)


Samantha and I were in the bleachers watching David's basketball game. We were losing 34 to 36 and 20 seconds were left.

-Whoo, David!

I sreamed as he ran towards the basket with the ball in hand. There were 10 seconds left now and the other team kept blocking him. Finally, with 2 seconds he threw the ball attemting to make 3 points and win the game. The buzzard went off, but he had already thrown the ball. The ball kept on rolling around the basket until it fell the oposite direction. They lost the finals and cheers of the other team's followers filled the gym. I walked up to him and kissed him in the cheek softly.

-You played really good!

-Can you be even more perfect?

David whispered softly in my ear.


I answered sweetly with a huge smile on my face.

-We should go celebrate.

-Celebrate my failure. That's new.

I chuckled as I looked up to him.


-Anywhere you'd like, I mean you are the reason we're celebrating.

-Fine, Sarah's?

-Good choice.

-Ok, let's go.

I said goodbye to Samantha and left the stinky gym. I hopped on David's car and he closed the door for me. He drove us to Sarah's Diner and we left the car in the parking lot. We entered and sat down on a small table next to the window. As we sat I started feeling a little weird.

-Danielle, are you okay?

-Just instead of morning sickness, it's night sickness that's all.

-But, do you need anything?

-I'll go to the restroom, it's all right.

I walked to the small women's restroom to have some peace. Wow, this baby is really violent with me, but when his dad is around it's like a saint. I tried to hold in all the nausea. Finally, I went back to the table and tried to make conversation to distract myself.

-So, what are your dreams right now?

-My dreams are to raise this perfect child and be an engineer.

David was really good at math, he was almost gifted and he did sports so that could have helped him getting a scholarship.

-And yours, Danielle?

-I'm not sure.

-Oh come on, everyone has something to look forward to.

-Well, I guess to be a spectacular mother and a writer.

-That's just amazing!

He looked at me with those gleaming brown eyes and smiled sweetly at me.

*End of Flashback/Dream*

-Ugh, my neck!

I was sitting in the couch with my neck almost falling off my head! What a nap, my god!

Samantha's (POV)

-Oh god!

-Something wrong?!

My head was on Jeremy's bare chest and I was butt naked under the covers in a crappy motel.

-No, nothing.

-So, what's going to happen between us?

-I'm not sure.

-You know, I've always dreamt about being with you.

-Are you serious?

I asked sarcastly because I couldn't believe that Jeremy has always wanted me.


-Me too, since the first day I meat you.

-So, we've liked each other secretly for five years, but niether of us had the guts to tell one another?

-Yeah you basically summed it all up.

-Well then, Samantha Stevens, would you like to be my girlfriend?

-It would be a dream come true!

He kissed me deeply in the lips and I felt like everything stopped that very second, until I thought about Danielle and we needed to tell her about the Sheldon thing.

-We should go.


-Danielle's has got to be worried by now.

-So what?

He started making a trail of kisses in my neck.

-She's my bestfriend and unless you want to stay here stranded you would want to leave.

-With what keys would you leave?

-With the ones that I grabbed from your pants while you were in the bathroom.

I stood up and started chacking the keys so he know I had them. He tried to grab them from my hand, but I held back. He was playing with me because I was 5'6 and he's at least 6'2 and he could have easily taken them.



I grabbed my clothes and we left the filthy place. We went to the car and drove the three hours back to UPenn.

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