About Your Character💡

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What's up? Hailey here!

Before you read Chapter #1, you need to read this first. These are some stuff about your character. You guys can comment down below what you think.

✔Your name (in le story) will be... uhm... I can't think of anything... hmm... how about... Halia? yeah... Halia... just like the youtuber, Halia Beamer (check out her channel). That means the ship name will be LaurLia😍. If you don't like the name, just comment suggestions. If you like the name, stay awesome😘😂.

✔So... about your looks... you have red long hair, green eyes and pale skin. You always wear a dark purple cloak with a hood.

❓do cloaks already have hoods? do you call it a cloak even if it doesn't have a hood? I don't know, I'll try asking someone that does😅.

✔You are part of the Jury Of Nine. Your title is Halia the Diamond Defender (quite a long title to me😂😂😂).

❓I have a question, do the Jury of Nine have 9 members? I don't really pay attention to these kind of details😐. If it does have 9 members, does it mean that if you're in it, It makes it the Jury Of Ten? 😂😂

Well, that's kinda it... So... yeah... I know that wasn't a "lot" of info, but at least you know your name, the ship name, your looks, and occupation. Also please answer the cloak and Jury of Nine questions in the comments below. I just need to know! 😤

Author Hailey out, Peace! ✌

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