11. turns out, it's contagious.

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It was flu season, and my shift at the hospital was hellish

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It was flu season, and my shift at the hospital was hellish. The peds ER was swamped with cases of high fever, vomiting, and respiratory distress. I'd been thrown up on more times than I cared to think about.

Exhausted and desperately in need of some down time, I reluctantly let Isabelle talk me into coming to watch a White Wolves' game with her after my shift ended.

At first, I turned down her invitation; I didn't want to seem all fan-girly over Ethan. But then I decided that going to the game could be perceived as a totally normal, totally platonic thing to do.

Or at least, that's what I told myself.

I was a little confused as to why Iz was going in the first place, since she and Axel hadn't officially 'gone public' just yet. It was Isabelle that was the holdout; she gave me some nonsensical explanation about making him earn it. It seemed she agreed with my wariness of dating athletes, and wanted to make sure he was the real deal. And it made sense, except for the fact that they were otherwise glued at the hip anyway.

Ethan said she had Axel completely whipped, like something he had never seen before. I shared that intel with her, but she'd just snorted and rolled her eyes.

I hoped they would decide to move past all of the games soon because it seemed exhausting for everyone involved. Except for them. They almost seemed to enjoy the drama.

We changed into what Iz deemed 'cute fall outfits' (sweaters, scarves and Uggs) and huddled in the stands with hot chocolate while she spent a good portion of the game explaining hockey to me: icing, offside, what constituted a penalty.

For someone who refused to call Axel her boyfriend, she sure seemed to know a lot about his sport all of the sudden.

Ethan was fast- faster than any of the other guys on the ice- and he kept out-maneuvering the other team. Even though hockey was foreign to me, I could tell that he had definite talent. His unwavering dedication to his training and diet surely helped, too.

The guy was a machine.

As the third period started, the White Wolves were already up four goals to the other team's one, in part thanks to Ethan's two goals and one assist.

#34 on the opposing team had the puck and was on a breakaway, heading for the net. Ethan quickly reversed courses and skated in his direction, lightning quick. He caught up and checked him into the boards, causing him to lose control of the puck; it was a brutal, but clean, hit.

The other guy looked pissed and they exchanged words, clearly provoking each other.
Finally, Ethan smirked and skated off while the other player just stood there, fuming.

Unexpectedly, I found myself kind of... well, turned on by the whole exchange. Something about his level of skill and confidence was hugely appealing.

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