Interview with xLissaIsT3rrorx

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Heres the second interview, I hope you like it!


Username - xLissaIsT3rrorx

How did you discover wattpad?

Actually, I was looking for a website on Googe for writing and came across Wattpad.

Do you have any stories?

I have two stories on here.

How much time do you spend on wattpad?

Probably every waking moment on here xD I'm an addict.

Do you mind if i ask what your real name is?

Nah, not at all. It's Yalissa -_-

How long have you been a member of wattpad?

A year and two months? About.

Are you part of the 'fanning war'?

Oh but of course! That's probably why I have so many fans because I fan so many people first.

Are any of you works very popular?

I wouldn't say they are popular, but they have a pretty decent number of reads.

Do you comment on a lot of other peoples stories?

I try and leave comments as much as I can because I know that I would like as many comments on my own books, so I guess its like treating others the way you wanna be treated? If that makes any sense.

What is your favourite story on wattpad other than one of your own?

Oh! That would have to be The Shattered Minds Saga by honestile. I'm on the third book!

Where do you get inspiration for your stories from?

Um, I'd have to say from other books. The books I read are all different types and I see how well they are doing, so I strive to get my books as good as the ones I read...but I've bee really slacking in the writing department.

Have you always liked writing?

I have, but I really started writing when I was twelve.

Do you read or write more on wattpad?

I read more.

Have you completed any stories?

Nope, hopefully I will though.

Do you vote for other peoples stories?

All the time! It's kinda like what I explained about commenting.

Do you think wattpad could improve itself? If so how?

Um, it probably could, but I think it's fine the way it is. I dislike changes to websites, it requires time to figure out the new aspects.


Well, I hope this is okay, i've been pretty busy, as i'm actually interviewing four other people, but Yalissa here, sent back answers to all 15 questions in just 15 minutes!




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