chapter 9

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Sophie POV
When they were at school the next day Sophie barely talked. The moment from the previous night replayed vividly in her head. Not to long later she found herself in P.E.

It was a day for splotching and she wasn't sure how long she could go today. Sophie usaully makes it to the end but she wasn't sure. She still couldn't let the night go from her head.

"Sophie Fitz it's time to start." She pulled her hair in front of her face to hide the blush that had somehow made its way to her face. Sophie got up to start and she actually was doing great, until she made it to the final round.

It was like this before her against Fitz. She didn't want to hurt him again, but she also wanted to win. Before the match started she remebered the look Grady had on his face. A smile but it was almost a smirk. What had he done? Sophie focused on the splotcher. Fitz also focused on the splotcher and when they counted down to 1 the match had begun.

Fitz's PIV
He hoped Sophie had the same idea when the round started. The person counted to 1 and the match had begun. Nobody wrapped their concentration on the splotcher. Instead it just fell to the ground covering it with colour. He felt himself go red as Sophie looked at him, the mentors sat there with confused looks on their faces and the whole school stared at them.

He felt his mind go warm as Sophies voice rang through his head.

You had the same idea as me?

More like you had the same idea as me.

Their conversation ended as Keefe dragged them back to reality.

"If you guys don't stop talking in your heads I am gonna assume you are flirting." A classic Keefe line had been said, in front of the whole school. Fitz looked over at Sophie and he was pretty sure he was as red as her. Both of their faces matched as they looked at their feet.

"What happened you two?" One of the mentors asked.

"Well ummm," He started but than Sophie saved him from the humiliation.

"You see we didn't hear you, we both were talking about how we could use a little more colour in our life than the splotcher hit the floor." He almost laughed than realized her lie was alright. "We realize that we shouldn't have done that," she picked up a few splotchers with her mind. "But where is the fun in that?" She smiled as she threw the splotchers at some walls, floors, students and mentors. Than when everyone joined as she threw one at herself. "This is sooooo much better than grey."

Sophie walked over to him and put some of the colour on him. He smiled at how cute she was. "You are going to pay for that," He said while smiling.

"Really?" She asked she smiled back at him. When she did that he lifted some splotchers with his mind and started chasing Sophie. They both ran around like maniacs. Until he cornered her. Nobody was paying attention to them because the whole place was in total havoc.

"There is one way to get out of this," he said giving her a playful smile. Her smile was bigger as she reached out and grabbed his hands. He dropped the splotchers and they splattered on the floor.

"Now you have no threat so I don't have to do anything." She stated with a smirk on her face. They stood there, as everyone else ran around crazily, and held hands and before they knew it P.E was over. "Will you come over to Havenfield later tonight?"

"Of course," after he spoke she left. The rest of the day he thought about what he and Sophie were going to do at their gathering that night.

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