CH. 2

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The double doors to a huge abandon warehouse opened and two bulk men leaded Hyebin in.

She walked stiffly in-between those two with only her eyes scanning the whole dim warehouse.

Her heart pounded against the paper length envelope that she was holding tightly against her chest as Yoongi's words ring back and forth through her head.

YOONGI: "Just do as you were told. Then you'll be safe."

???: "Well, well, well. Looks like our little brother got himself a new toy."

Her feet came to a stop when a man came out from the darkness at a distance.

Although it was quite far, she can see that the man had a huge scar vertically across his left eye and he, wasn't all that pleasant to look at either.

His arms all the way to his neck were cover up with tattoos and his skinny, unhealthy looks, tells her right away that this man was highly on drug.

SCAR MAN: "What's your name, sweetie pie?"

She stood her ground and did not say a single word.

Her strong presence made him sneered.

SCAR MAN: "Let's see what you got there."

The two bulk men held onto her arms and she yanked her arms away immediately.

The scar man rose his eyebrows at that and found some interest in her.

SCAR MAN: "I see you're not quite an easy one."

He gestured his hands for the two bulk men by each of her side to back away and then gestured his index finger for her to come over.

'25.' She said in her mind.

She counted 25 men standing in the dark shadow of the warehouse, staring at her with thirst as if she's a little lamb that has come into the wrong place.

YOONGI: "Just do as you were told. Then you'll be safe."

His words ring back into her mind and with that, she boldly took steps over to the scar man.

The scar man's lips curved upward when she made her way over.

But then she stopped, a couple of feet away before reaching him.

She tossed the paper length envelope into the air and it landed right in front of his feet.

He bended over and picked up the envelope. But before opening it, his gazed shifted back to her.

SCAR MAN: "Can I trust you?"

Two gun shots screamed in her ears and she squatted down in surprise as she covered her head with her hands.

The two bulk men behind her came tumbling to the ground after they were shot right in the heart.

All the other men came out from their hiding and pointed their guns at the group of men in suit that had marched into the warehouse.

And in front of those group of men, was Min Yoongi.

The scar man careless that his two men were shot, instead he snorted at the sight of his little brother.

SCAR MAN: "Hey, little brother. You always like to take me by surprise."

He ripped open the envelope and turned it upside down.

Hyebin slightly turned her head toward the scar man and her eyes grew wide when she sees what came falling to the ground.

It was small packages of deadly white powder drugs.

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