Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The doors banged open and Will was cut off. Startled, I looked in the direction of the noise. Michael composed himself and calmly walked towards the rink. He was wearing skates; it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him wear skates. It’ll be the first time I ever see him on ice. Apparently he used to be a great hockey player, I wonder if he still is.

“Brenna, it’s time to go!” Michael shouted. I looked at Will and saw him glaring at Michael. Why do these two always act so weird around each other?

“Okay, Will was just going to tell me something.” I looked back at Will. He opened his mouth to speak. “No, we have to go now.”

“Michael, I don’t think you should tell me what to do.” I put my hand on my hip and stared at him. He was very close now.

“Yeah, Michael, don’t control the lady,” Will sneered. Michael instantly went into his defense mode.

“What did you say!” Michael yelled. I took a step back and almost fell on my butt.

“You heard what I said!” The fight was escalating.

Michael balled his fists and went to punch Will. Will caught his fist and punched Michael in the face. I grimaced. I recovered from my shock and got in between the two guys. Will pushed me out of the way and wrestled Michael to the ground. Will landed another punch. Michael pushed Will off of him and got up. Will was quick to follow. I watched from the ground in horror as they went at each other. Michael grabbed the front of Will’s shirt and punched him square in the nose. There was a horrible crunching nose accompanied by a flow of blood from Will’s nose. I gasped. Will laid on the ice clutching his nose. Michael reached to help me up. I was in too much shock to argue. He pulled me up and started to escort me out.

“You can’t shelter her forever!” Will yelled at us. What does that even mean? Is there something Michael’s not telling me?

Dan looked at both of us as Michael rushed us through. “You have a clean up job,” Michael said over his shoulder. I heard Dan say “Shit” as the door closed. Poor Will, I don’t think he really deserved that.

“What was so important,” I shouted at Michael when we were in the car.

Michael put the car in drive and started to maneuver the parking lot. I stared at his bruising eye. Michael had this far away glare as he drove down the road. I had a feeling it was partly my fault and mostly Will’s fault. I should have never talked to him, I should have never let him drag me around. I was so stupid.

“The guys and I are having a movie night. They’ve all invited a chick or two; so, wanna come?” He never took his eyes off the road. How did I get wrapped up in this boy's college life so much?

“Yeah, sure. I was just going to sit around and bake cookies anyways.” As long as Gwen had the ingredients to make cookies.

“Fuck, Bree, you need to go make cookies,” he said with seriousness. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Fine, but I do want cookies sometime," he smiled.

“I’ll make you cookies another day,” I promised. He seemed content with this and continued to drive towards the college.

The rain started to pick up again. The weather makes me want to cry. Everything is so dark and dreary; where’s the fun and sun? Sometimes I can’t wait to go to Hawaii but then the guilt eats me. Good weather; I feel bad, bad weather; I feel bad. There is no winning in life. Maybe, just maybe, if I run away to Mexico I’d be slightly happy.

Michael pulled into his parking space and got out. I unbuckled myself and followed his lead. The rain started to get heavier. Michael was waiting by the door for me. When the rain started to pelt I ran for it. I did not want to be out there in that weather again. Being sick is never fun.

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