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Hours passed.
Kay and I were laying down side by side, on the hood of my mustang. God, she looked so beautiful under the moonlight.

"Kay, baby?", I prompted.
"Yeah Cailen?", she replied, inching closer to me.
I sat up straight, and Kay followed suit. I pulled a small, crystal box out of my jacket pocket. Looking straight into her eyes, I gently clasped her hand in mine.
"I know we're young... and it would be way too crazy to ask you to marry me. But I love you, and in time I do want to marry you. So I bought you this, a reminder that we'll always be together, and one day, we'll settle down." I opened the box, and handed it to her.
"Cal, baby! I love you so damn much", she said and leaned in for a kiss. I leaned forward, touching my lips to hers. The kiss went on, it became passionate and hungry. Kay traced her hands along my abdomen.
"If I didn't know any better, I would've assumed that you're core was carved by god himself. You're a true work of art baby...", she trailed off, falling into another kiss.
"Better than any Piccasso I've ever heard of". Our lips found eachother once more, this time unwilling to part. I placed my hands on her small waist. I didn't realize it, but my hands began to move. Slowly, they migrated upward.
My hands were around Kay's neck, squeezing. I couldn't do anything about it. I almost felt I was slipping away. At first it hadn't seemed like much, but with every passing second, my grip on her became more intense. Kay pulled away from my lips, letting out a choke of a whimper,
"Ca", she could barely get my name out.
"Cai-len", she tried again. I let my hands slack just the tiniest bit to hear what she had to say. Something had already taken over by then. Something evil. My mocha brown eyes were no longer the warm tone she was so used to. They appeared a glassy black, my face expressionless. I felt almost as if i was looking down on the whole scene from above, and all i could do was scream internally.
"W-why?", she managed to whine out.
My hands regained a stronger grip around her neck.
"Because princess, I love you", I said it so coldly, then again that wasn't me. Finally, after a few moments that felt like years of agonizing pain, she stopped struggling, stopped trying to choke down air. Her face still held a haunted expression, a tear rolling down her rosy cheek, a river flowing from her wide, bloodshot eyes. I let go, and her body fell limp in my arms. Never had she felt so fragile. Pressing my index and middle fingers to her neck, i checked for a pulse.
I checked for a heartbeat.
I checked for any signs of life.
There was no mistaking it, Kay was dead, and I killed her.

I pulled the hood of my jacket up to cover my head. Laying Kay's corpse on the hood of my car, her skin slowly fading, blending in more and more with the white tone, I began to pace. I looked down at my hands that all of a sudden seemed so dirty, unable to comprehend what had just happened. My feet carried me to an abandoned graveyard. I was sure no one had set foot near it in years. I didn't realize that i was digging, until i found myself sitting in a big, gaping hole in the ground. I knew what i had to do. I hated it, but it was my only choice. I found my way back to the clearing, back to kay. I hefted her lifeless body into my arms and carried her away. I soon reached the graveyard, and lowered her body into the hole I'd dug. I couldn't bare to see her like that. I wiped away what tears hadn't already dried, and shut her eyes. Never again would i see such a beautiful green. I placed an anemone in her hands, interlocking her cold fingers around the stem.
"Goodbye Kay", a grim whisper escaping my lips, a foreign voice reaching my ears. I began tossing dirt into the pit, onto kay. It took a few minutes, but soon there was no hole. I covered the misplaced dirt with dried up grass, camouflaging her grave so that it looked just as it had before that night.

Before I knew it, I was back in my car. I drove away, and didn't look back.

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