Chapter 4

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Several months past and it was time for Tobio to send his applications for high schools, he had sent one to Shiratorizawa, Karasuno and many others. Emiko had hoped he would be accepted into Shiratorizawa, and if he wasn't then she would go there to, she would transfer. The promise she made to Tobio was one she intended to keep, and she would do anything to keep it. When the day came when the letter from Shiratorizawa responding to Tobio's application.

"Tobio! It's here!" Emiko shouted as run into the kitchen where Tobio and their parents were sat at the table. She was holding a white envelope with the Shiratorizawa logo on it. Once they opened the letter, everything would change. She handed him the letter, prompting him to open it quickly. "Come on, open it!" Tobio tore it open, pulling out the piece of paper carefully. He read it and then place it on the table, standing up slowly and walking out of the room. Emiko grabbed the letter and read it.

"What does it say Emiko?" her mum asked, putting her cutlery down. Emiko looked at the floor placing the letter down before answering.

"H-He didn't get in." she stuttered out, the devastated feeling that she was sure Tobio was feeling was the same on she was feeling. "I'll go talk to him." Emiko stood up and walked to Tobio's room, knocking on the door.

"Go away!" he shouted from behind the door. Emiko ignored him and walked in, she saw him lying on his bed, face down. She sat down on the bed next to him, playing with his hair.

"They're stupid, Tobio, you should know that. I know that whatever school you choose will be at the top soon because of you, just please, don't make the same mistake again." Her voice hitched in her throat as she spoke to him. Emiko didn't want Tobio to hurt, it hurt he too.

"You know, Emiko, you always say that." Tobio said into the pillow, muffling his words.

"But it's true, you are a wonderful setter, you have many redeeming qualities that counter your flaws." Emiko defended, knowing that what she was saying the truth.

"Sometimes i think you say things like that just because i'm your brother, but then i remember that you wouldn't lie to me." Tobio told Emiko as he turned around to face her. Emiko smiled softly at him.

"You're right about that, Tobio." She said. "I'll help you choose a different school, a better one." Tobio looked at her and smiled too.

When Emiko went to bed that night she knew what she had to do, she had to keep her promise. It wasn't only because of the promise that she decided to ask for a transfer to different school, but the fact that she and Tobio were together since he was born. They understood each other well and knew when the other was upset. She wouldn't feel right if she wasn't with him and she hoped that he felt the same way, which he did.

A few more months past and Tobio chose to go to Karasuno, hoping the volleyball team wasn't awful. Without Tobio knowing, Emiko talked to one of the teachers at Shiratorizawa about transferring to Karasuno and got everything organised to start her second year of high school there. On the morning of the first day of the new school year, Emiko and Tobio both got ready but Emiko was avoiding Tobio to surprise him with her going to the same school. She was wearing the Karasuno uniform which consisted of a white blouse, red ribbon, cream sweater, black blazer, and a grey skirt. She left the house early, shouting to Tobio that she was leaving and rode her bike to the school, taking the long route that was more challenging. When she reached the school the cherry blossoms that surrounded the gate blew in the wind. The pink petals floating gently as the wind lead them in a dance. She was excited, she was starting school again and she would meet many knew people. Although, Emiko didn't know what she wanted to do, if she wanted to join the female volleyball, become a volleyball manager or continue with her training as a coach, she walked into the school after putting her bike away with her head held high. She walked to her class, ready to find Tobio later and probably join the girls volleyball team until she knew what she wanted to do for sure.

After school she went to the gym where the females volleyball players practiced, hoping she could make it into the regular team soon. She passed by the guys gym, hearing a lot of noise from inside, when she peeked in she saw the dean of the school talking to some students, but when she took a closer look she saw Tobio and Hinata there with some other members of the volleyball team. She walked slowly to the door as Tobio walked towards a ball on the floor, picking it up. He jump served it to Hinata who was on the other side of the net. Hinata moved out the way, shocked that Tobio, his rival, could jump serve as he didn't demonstrate it last year.

"One more!" he shouted after Tobio teased him about how he didn't improve. Tobio got another ball and did the same serve, aiming for the corner of the court as Hinata was in the middle. HE moved quickly to receive it, but it ricocheted into Hinata's face, bouncing of into the direction of the dean. It connected with the side of his face, making the wig he wore fly off and land on the captain of the male volleyball team. Everyone there looked shocked and didn't move as the ball bounced away and the wig stayed on the captain's head. Slowly everyone except Emiko moved to the dean, careful to not aggravate him, but when Tobio spoke Hinata and one of the other members of the volleyball club started making fun of the dean.

"Sawamura-kun, i'd like a word with you." the dean said as he turned away, making Sawamura follow him. Emiko walked towards her brother and the others as the dean and Sawamura excited the gym.

"E-Emiko? What are you doing here?" Tobio asked when he saw her approach.

"I go here now." she said with a small smile, her gym shorts and t-shirt hanging loosely from her tall frame.

"But you are enrolled in Shiratorizawa!" Tobio said loudly, surprising the others.

"Really? You got into Shiratorizawa?" Hinata asked as he bounced on the balls of his feet excitedly.

"Yeah, i went there last year but i transferred here for my second and most likely third year." Emiko told the boy as he continued moving around. 

"Why did you transfer?" Asked the boy with light hair and a kind smile.

"A promise i made." Emiko answered, making realization dawn on Tobio.

"You transferred because of what we said when we were kids?" He shouted, a look of disbelief on his face.

"Well, yeah. It wouldn't feel right if i went there by myself." Emiko replied with a small smile. "Oh, by the way my name is Kageyama Emiko, but you can just call me Emiko."

"Tanaka." The bald guy replied with a smirk.

"Sugawara." the boy from earlier told Emiko.

"And i already know my brother and Hinata." she added, the smile still on her face. "Well, i hope everything works out with the dean, but i need to run to the girls gym. See you at home Tobio!" she shouted as she run out the gym.

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