Part 8

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A/N sorry for the late update. I had exams, but, I'm here now!


It was night when we landed back to Volterra. We quickly got off the plane and into the cars that were waiting for us. We drove through the dark and narrow streets up to the castle.

"They are waiting for you." Heidi, our human tour guide/intern said to us as we passed her desk towards the throne room.

"We can see that." Jane snapped at her. Heidi backed up in fear, her eyes also wide with fear.

I sighed in annoyance and inwardly rolled my eyes. We walked into the throne room and stood in front of our leaders and bowed. 

"Come Alec." Aro said beckoning me closer. I nodded stiffly and made my way towards him. 

I held out my hand and a grasped it in his cold one. I saw all of my memories flash before my eyes. Then I saw the ones of Bella at the airport, at her graduation, with that mutt. I growled and snatched my hand from Aro's. 

"What seems to be the problem?" Cais asked not that all interested. 

"It appears that Alec's mate, is still with that mutt." Aro said turning towards his brother. 

"She's not just with the mutt!"I yelled, "she's MARRIED TO THE MUTT!!" 

"Aro, there must be something that we can do?" Cais asked looking towards his brother expectedly. 

"Where are they now?" Aro asked me completely ignoring his brother. 

"They are in Rio." I answered, "On an island." 

"Well, how do you plan on getting her?" Cais asked trying to join in the conversation. 

"Easy, when they go to the mainland we'll be waiting in the shadow." I said. 

"And besides Carnival is this week. A lot of people plus confusion plus getting lost equals we grab her." Felix finished for me. 

"That is a marvelous idea." Aro praised clasping his hands together, "simply marvelous."

"But make sure that the mutt is nowhere near." Cais sneered in distaste. 

"What about the Cullen?" I asked, thinking of ways to possibly kill him. 

"Edward?" Aro asked me. I nodded in anticipation. 

"He has been talking with someone, about trying to get her back." Felix said, "I overheard him last time we were there."

"Who was he talking to?" Marcus asked, slightly interested. 

"Victoria." Felix said. Our masters' eyes widened at the name. Aro was the first to speak or should I say yell. 

"Alec, Felix and Demetri will go back to Forks, Washington and lead him away from his family and ELIMINATE him! and the same goes for Victoria!." Aro yelled and then smirked at all of us. 

"Jane and Heidi will go to Rio and keep an eye on Alec's mate." Cais said, " Do not fail us." 

We all nodded and bowed then left the throne room. Jane was already talking to Heidi about the arrangements. We then headed out to the cars and headed for the airport once again. 

I'm going to kill you Edward, then I'm coming for you My Bella. 

( A/N Well damn, bye Edward, I won't miss you. I'm kinda fearing for Bella's safety right now. But, I'm really happy that I can update for three months. I finished school yesterday, and I go back on September 5. SENIOR YEAR!!) 

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