10. we're just friends. I think.

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We were running late for the hockey house Halloween party because Isabelle- as per usual- took so long to get ready

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We were running late for the hockey house Halloween party because Isabelle- as per usual- took so long to get ready. She refused to leave until her costume makeup was 100% perfect.

Personally, I felt this was futile as Axel would probably rub all of it off in due time anyway.

Still, I had to admit, she had done an amazing job at transforming herself into Harley Quinn. She even dyed the ends of her naturally platinum blonde hair pink and blue to complete the ensemble.

Not one for subtlety, Iz looked like even more of a knockout than usual. I was sure Axel would be chasing other guys away all night.

Shooting for a slightly more understated look, I was dressed up as Batgirl. Isabelle did the makeup to go with my costume, as well, so in the end it was still less understated than I'd planned. She definitely had a flair for the dramatic, but I loved her for it. Courtesy of her artistry, I was rocking a killer smoky eye that she'd painted on with a metallic gunmetal eyeshadow and with burgundy matte lips. Normally, I would have protested, but I went with it in the spirit of Halloween.

Bruder College didn't have greek fraternities, but the athletic teams were a pretty close approximation in terms of hierarchy. Unbeknownst to me until meeting Ethan, the hockey team was the upper echelon of social status and the hockey house was the 'it' place to party. It showed: by the time we arrived, there were people all over the front lawn and I could barely squeeze inside.

Iz split off from me to meet Axel in his room, proving that I had been correct about the makeup going to waste.

I spotted Ethan in the crowd with Smith. Smith was Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy; true to his style, he had the whole geek chick thing going on. And Ethan was dressed as a police officer, complete with mirrored aviators, handcuffs and a baton. The authoritative look worked on him. He could use those handcuffs on me any day.

They were surrounded by a group of girls who were decidedly not going for the understated look this Halloween. There was a pretty redhead dressed more provocatively than any 'angel' I'd ever seen- her generous cleavage was crammed into a skintight white lacy bustier, and her skirt was more like a strip of fabric- and she was hanging off of Ethan's every word. I felt a pang of jealousy, which I knew was ridiculous. Still, I enjoyed the fact that she kept grabbing his arm and he didn't seem to be reciprocating.

It seemed awkward to approach them and interrupt, so I opted to grab a drink first instead. As I was filling my cup at the keg (Ethan had given me a lecture about pouring my own drink for safety reasons), an athletic-looking blond sauntered over to me.

He was good-looking, and I could tell that he knew it. His costume consisted of camouflage army fatigue pants and an olive-colored tank top, with dog tags and a fake machine gun. I strongly suspected that there was a matching jacket to go along with the costume that he had ditched somewhere along the way to show off his buff arms.

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