Chapter Fifteen

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There were many things I'd seen in movies and television shows, that I never—not once—imagined I'd ever do in real life. Having my mom kidnapped was one, meeting a wizard was another. Hell, being on the run from the police after they witnessed us doing magic was in a whole other league. But, sleeping in the woods while hiding from Morgana's men was something I don't think I ever could've pictured.

This past week had been crazy and now, as I lay in the still darkness, gazing up at the stars while everyone around me slept, I really let myself process it all.

I'd wanted adventure. All those times when I'd be locked in those houses with Mom and Thom, watching kids and teens my age goof around with their friends, I would retreat to my books to forget the sadness.

I loved Mom and Thom, but there were sometimes you just needed to be around people your own age. Be with people you could relate to.

In those books, though, I found friends. I found people—albeit fictional—who I could relate to. They went on incredible adventures and did incredible things, fell in love with incredible people. I would wish, almost every night, that I could have an adventure of my own.

Now here I was, surrounded by knights and warriors, on our way to the Isle of the Lost to retrieve Excalibur, defeat Morgana and save my mother and this land. Oh yeah, and I was supposed to fall in love.

For whatever reason, when I thought of love, Merlin's face flashed in my mind.

I shook my head vehemently, slapping my cheek lightly. I was relieved no one was awake to see how utterly insane I looked.

I had to stop this... whatever this was I felt for Merlin. The first time we had merged our magic, I knew that I felt something for Merlin, but I was unsure what it was. Was it me falling for him or was it friendship? But now I knew the answer.

For whatever reason, Merlin was gradually moving his way closer to my heart and it wouldn't be long before he held it in his hands completely. When that happened, he would crush it because he couldn't love me back. One, he thought of me as a child and two, he had said he was too old to love.

And honestly, if Nimue—with her long red hair and her unparalleled beauty—couldn't get him to fall in love, I was fairly sure I couldn't either.

"Stop over thinking things, kid," Thom's voice spoke out in the darkness.

Startled, I turned over to him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing evenly. For a minute, I was positive I was going insane, then he opened one eye to peer at me in the darkness.

"You're over-thinking things again. It's what you do." He closed his eye back and sighed. "You're so much like Nicole in that way. She was always over-thinking things. She always has." He smiled fondly.

"I can't help it," I finally admitted after a long silence. "There's so much that can go wrong. The prophecy... in it, I'm supposed to be this big bad ass who just knows the answer to everything, but in reality I'm a seventeen year old girl who just wants to save her Mom." I blew out a large breath.

"That's the thing about fate, kiddo," Thom said, opening both eyes to look at me seriously. "You don't know what to do until the time comes. When it does, suddenly all your insecurities melt away and right then, what you're supposed to do becomes clear. So clear, you wonder how you didn't see it before."

While I contemplated his words, he placed one hand on the top of my head and rustled my hair the way he used to when I was a kid.

"Thom, stop it, you know I hate that," I whined, swatting his hand away.

He laughed quietly and murmured, "Get some sleep, Lucy. Tomorrow will be a new day and who knows what we'll run into. We'll need a powerful sorceress on our side."

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