Hi guys! Welcome to the third writer games!

Once again, I'm designing the arena since I'm not participating. This time we need 14 males and 14 females, with 2 winning.

Also, if you are not currently in the Second or third Games (you can enter when ur dead), and you are not already a Victor, you can re-enter (with a new character of course). If you weren't in them, you can also enter.

Same rules apply as before.

If you want to enter, comment answering each of these questions.



District (or Capitol):

Celebrity look-a-like/Actor who should play you (you'll see why):

Small physical Description:

Traits that could be useful in the arena (name only 5):

Weapon of choice:


Favorite environnement:

Favorite activity:

District token (an item you bring in the arena that isn't a weapon)

Once again, these don't have to be real about you, but make it creative!

Male Tributes (Yes, girls you can make a male tribute if you want)

District 1: Mark (TrustedWithLove)

District 2: Vulpes (VictorsVillage)

District 3: Bob (LukeSiggers)

District 4: Shase (CsunflowerroseO)

District 5: Jace (AlwaysInADream)

District 6: Gabriel (gabby01)

District 7: Gingko (Feonix)

District 8: Austen (RedCloudyStars)

District 9: Seral Haze (LadyAstor)

District 10: Phil (peepseven)

District 11: Dustin (SsJjCj)

District 12: Darrin (Broadway123)

District 13: Ashton (Dragonfruit2012)

The Capitol: Zack (InsanityIssanity)

Female Tributes

District 1: Raylin (TrustedWithLove)

District 2: Aria (Broadway123)

District 3: Veena (AdzBala)

District 4: True (True_Colours)

District 5: Rea (AlwaysInADream)

District 6: Widow (MusicIsMySoul)

District 7: Lily (xXIcyxX)

District 8: Lantana Brittlyn (KeptInShadows)

District 9: Aubry (RedCloudyStars)

District 10: Alberta (Peepseven)

District 11: Sayber (ILOVEYouIDontLikeYou

District 12: Shay (CsunflowerroseO)

District 13: Elise Ravenheart (MysticalBeing)

The Capitol: Sedona Maine (themeghatter)

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