6. new friend, meet old (girl)friend.

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I lined up, aimed, and fired

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I lined up, aimed, and fired. The ping pong ball plopped into the red solo cup with a fizz.

"Nailed it. You are a beer pong boss!" said Smith, giving me a high five.

We'd been playing as a team and so far, we were unstoppable. Six other teams had challenged us and failed. We were singlehandedly getting the rest of the party smashed.

It was 11 o'clock and the party was full throttle. I'd been nervous about meeting so many new people, but Ethan's friends had been great so far. Well, a few of them actually seemed afraid to talk to me; and I think some of them may have been hitting on me. But they had all been nice enough, nonetheless.

Smith was probably my favourite because he had been friendly, without any obvious agenda, and he was hilariously sarcastic. With hipster glasses and dark, spiky hair, he was cute in a nerdy-hot kind of way. Not my type, but we would definitely be fast friends.

The doorbell rang, followed by some commotion at the front door. Axel came over to us, looking uneasy. I was surprised he'd managed to break himself free from Isabelle's lips; they'd been all over each other the entire evening.

"Smith," said Axel tersely. I could swear he had turned two shades paler. "Alexis is here."

Alexis? Who's Alexis? I was pretty sure Ethan didn't have a girlfriend. And if he did have a girlfriend, I would hope for a better reception than that.

Smith made a face and groaned, "Shit. Who invited them?"

It was clear that there was a backstory here that I was missing and things were getting awkward, fast. I decided to leave them to discuss whatever this 'Alexis situation' was, excusing myself to get another drink from the kitchen. Vodka soda sounded good. After two beers, I felt bloated and needed something lighter.

Ethan was standing at the counter, mixing a mystery concoction in a cup. He opened a bottle of liquor and poured it in without measuring. Tasting it, he frowned, and dumped another kind of liquor into the mix. I wondered if he knew what he was doing or if he was just drunk.

"Enjoying the party?" he asked, leaning against the kitchen counter beside me, slurping his sewer sludge.

He seemed more sober than I'd expected given... whatever it was that he was drinking.

His fitted v-neck matched the his denim-blue eyes; If he had been some random guy at a party, I definitely would have been tempted to flirt with him. I was still tempted to flirt with him, but I reminded myself that I could enjoy the view and that was all.

I nodded as I grabbed a plastic cup and poured in some vodka. I didn't want to get sloppy, so I went light on the liquor, heavy on the club soda, extra ice.

"Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun."

He grinned and said, "I think your friend Isabelle is, too," nodding to the corner where Iz and Axel were making out again. Or more like, were eating each other's faces. Yuck. I would have told them to get a room, but that would have probably been my room and, no thanks.

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