Chapter 0: Familiar (backdoor spinoff)

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Hi guys I really wanna write a stripper YOI AU, so I am! It'll be the likes of some stripper movies I may or may not have watched 😏. It may sound similar to other fanfics, it may not, I got inspired from MANY other YOI stripper AU fics and fan art so I hope I don't offend anyone with the similarity.... please comment and say if you like or dislike it! That way I'll know whether or not to continue

Chapter 0: She Knows

Three years ago

"Chris is this really necessary? You've seen him once..." Viktor said with a scoff as the two of them rode an Über to Dashing Delight.
"Yes! I need to see Mystique one more time!"

Viktor and his best friend Chris were going to a strip club Chris had gone to a few months prior when the he had competed in Skate America in Detroit. Chris was a fan of strip clubs in general but the American ones made him go nuts. Chris barely remembered the names of these strip clubs, nevertheless the area, but this one... this one was the only one he would not shut up about.

"He was gorgeous Vitya darling, his chestnut brown hair, his dark eyes, I'm telling you, Mystique was just so..."

"Dashing," Viktor said rolling his eyes. He had heard the line one too many times. We get it Chris, you're in love with a stripper, how gross.

Viktor was normally too classy to visit a place as indecorous as a strip club, but Chris had somehow managed to drag Viktor with him.

When the two arrived at The Prince Room, (who the hell chose that name??) Viktor noticed something.

This place wasn't so bad.

The sexy modern American pop music playing killed the mood, for Viktor was more of an old classical music kind of guy, but you get what you get and you don't get upset!

"Next up, Mystique!"

Chris squawked like an eagle, and dragged Viktor as close to the stage as possible. Viktor yawned. The time was only 10:30, but Viktor was already ready to go to his bed.

Mystique came out in blood red shorts and a sexy tight corset to match. While he wasn't Viktor's type, he could certainly see why Chris loved Mystique so much, he was stunning.

Mystique danced to Britney Spears' Gimme More, a trashy popular American pop song, perfect for Chris to fanboy over.

Viktor, on the other hand, was unimpressed. The flashy lights, the ass rubbing upon the pole (it probably was filled with disease and smelled like booty cheek juice) were just so stupid to him. Sure Viktor was a flashy guy and was nothing short of extra, but when it comes to places like these, men like this... he wasn't too keen on the flamboyant aspect of it.

"I can get down like there's no one around,"

Mystique dropped down to his knees in a semi squat, and Chris went wild. He threw 20 francs at the stripper, to which Viktor facepalmed.

"Chris we're in America! They want the American currency, whatever that is again. They don't want francs or rubles they want... pesos? Is it pesos? I forgot."

Chris refused to heed anything Viktor said and continued to throw his Swiss currency at the stripper, filled with excitement, and Viktor continued to roll his blue eyes to the back of his head.

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