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I dreamt!

A day when there were some power,

Small sadness,


And little life left.

I had a night mare!

A night were there was,

Only the cold,

Putrid sight on faith,

Wishing the stars would already fall,

Until one day it stops because...

There is only emptiness in the universe,

It makes your fragile heart and soul break,

Turning into nothing but dust,

Emptying your shell from where you hide.

The blame game is played throughout every world,

Trust broken,

Lies escape,

And time devours,

Is it time?

Is there any time at all?

Happiness turning in to the opposite,

Wishing for the right but doing the wrong.

Hoping it was your time now!

Not realising how life passes away like a blur.

I dreamt a day when there was no power,

Only sadness,


And no life left!

i wrote ths wen deeply depressed my heart clenched an i had 2 write to ease the pain rather than continuing to cut my wrists:))


i want cookies!!!:P(from saddness ^ to this<):P

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