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I took a hot bubble bath today and it felt great. I recommend it 100%. Also, more Mevin. I promise I'll try to get the scomiche back into place unless everyone likes the Mevin movements like me. I'm the #1 Mevin shipper. 


Mitch giggled as Kevin pulled him up by his arms and spun him around before placing him back on the branch. He barely slipped when he was set on his feet but hovered his hands over Kevin's biceps just in case. 

"There you go, you're getting it." Kevin said, his pearly white teeth showing off as the sun started to rise. 

Mitch blushed and turned his head away as he walked along the branch, following Kevin's movements are the dark-skinned man walked backwards, stopping when his heels hit the tree and then started to walk forward which caused Mitch to repeat Kevin's steps by walking backwards. "Thank you Kevin." 

"Anytime Mitch." Kevin grabbed Mitch's uninjured hand and spun him around, making sure his feet never left the branch before letting his hand go. 

Mitch closed his eyes as he positioned himself and took in a deep breath. "Pick me up again."  

Kevin did as Mitch asked, spinning him in the air a few times before setting him back down, right against the tree. He saw Mitch open his eyes and blush at the position; his body slumped down and propped against the tree, Kevin's arms caging him in on either side of his body. The two stared into each others' eyes, the rain helping each other from noticing the others' deep red blush. 

Mitch then giggled softly before letting it grow loudly before he was laughing. He heard Kevin start to laugh and the two started to climb down the tree, Kevin letting Mitch climb on his back. 

"So, what do you think Scott will say?" Mitch asked as he stayed on Kevin's back as Kevin walked through the forest. 

"About?" Kevin asked. 

"Me having better balance. I mean, it's what he really wanted me to do." Mitch mumbled before letting out a cat-like yawn and resting his chin on Kevin's shoulder. 

"Well, I think he'd be pretty proud of you and probably mad at me for teaching you, but I don't mind. I like to spend time with you." Kevin started and he went to say something else but felt Mitch's body weigh down on his lower back. He hummed and did his best to bring Mitch into his arms to carry him bridal style to stare at his sleeping state. He smiled and placed his lips to Mitch's wet temple before walking the rest of the way to the house. 


Kevin placed Mitch on a sitting area inside the cave that held the spring. He took the time to squeeze the rain water out of own clothes and hair before doing the same to Mitch and stripping him down as gently as he could. As he got down to Mitch's pants, he felt Mitch shifting under his fingers before his eyes fluttered open. 

"K-Kevin? What are you doing?" He muttered sleepily. 

"I'm just undressing you so I can get you cleaned up." Kevin replied as he tugged Mitch's pants off of his ankles, hoping Mitch didn't mind. 

"Alright. Just don't let Scott see us." Mitch sat up to take his boxers off, Kevin not moving a muscle as he couldn't take his eyes off of Mitch's body as the boy stood up and slowly stepped into the spring. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." 

Kevin hurried to take off his clothes before stepping in the spring himself, helping Mitch rub the water over his arms and back. He made sure to massage Mitch's  muscles so he would feel better in the morning, Mitch having to slump down against the spring walls so he didn't fall over. 

Mitch folded his arms into a makeshift pillow and enjoyed the feeling of Kevin's thumbs pressing into the knots in his back and shoulders. He let out a few embarrassingly loud moans as Kevin pushed and twisted his thumbs in a certain way. He then opened his eyes to see Scott's feet in front of him. He let out a small scream and pushed himself back from the wall causing Kevin to jump and slip on his feet, falling under the water. 

Kevin then shot up from the water and went to scold Mitch but he stopped himself when he saw Scott standing on the cave ground, his arms crossed. "I- Scott, hey." He tried to give a friendly smile but failed and his hands raised to rub the back of his neck. 

"And what the hell is happening here?" Scott sneered and crouched down to be eye level with Mitch. 

"H-He was just h-helping me.. wash my back." Mitch stuttered. 

Scott reached forward and tugged on Mitch's ear before pulling back. 

"What was that for?!" Mitch shrieked and covered his ear but his wrist was pulled back. 

"If the lobe is pink, it means you're lying." Scott replied as he tried his best to stare at Mitch's ear. He grunted, "There's not enough light in here. Let's go." 

Mitch dropped his arms and shook his head. 

"It wasn't an option, Mitch. Let's go." Scott ordered and he reached into the water to grab Mitch's wrist, specifically his left one. He didn't flinch as Mitch cried out and roughly pulled Mitch out of the water, hearing a few bone cracks. 

"Scott! His wrist is broken, don't grab or pull on it like that!" Kevin shouted and he went to grab Mitch's waist to pull him back but Scott backed away with Mitch tucked into his chest, not minding that his clothes got soaked. 

Mitch whimpered and tried to free his wrist but failed and let out a small scream as Scott's hand tightened on his wrist. "Scott, it hurts!" He tried.  

Scott shook his head and he grabbed Mitch's dirty clothes before pulling Mitch with him out of the cave. He noticed Mitch had turned around to look at Kevin for any chance of help so he tugged him harder making Mitch cry out again and turn back around. 


Mitch locked the door to the bathroom and looked around. The only thing that sat around the small room was a counter, a mirror and a towel rack. No sink, bathtub or toilet. Mitch scowled when he noticed there was no place for him sit and jumped as he heard a gentle knock. He waited a moment before barely opening the door, seeing Kevin behind it. His eyes lightened up and he opened the door wider, throwing his arms around Kevin's torso and hugging him tightly. 

"Hey, Munchie, how's your wrist?" Kevin asked and he placed his hands on Mitch's waist to push him away gently before grabbing his arm and pulling it up. 

"I think Scott broke or tore something inside. It hurts and burns, it's kinda swollen and the skin is more red than usual." Mitch replied. 

Kevin hummed and pushed Mitch inside the bathroom before unwrapping the gauze on Mitch's wrist. He then gasped before dropping the gauze and pulling Mitch's wrist closer. 

"What's wrong?" Mitch whispered. 

"Scott snapped it out of place. Mitch, listen to me; you have to trust me, I have to twist your wrist back into place before I can even do anything else? Will you trust me?" Kevin asked before he set Mitch on the counter and grabbed the bases of Mitch's wrist with both hands. 

"I trust you but I don't really want to do it." 

"Trust me, I'm doing it to hurt you on purpose. I promise once I do this, you'll be just fine." 

"You promise?" Mitch asked and his lips pulled into a smile. He felt Kevin's lips on his temple and his heart warmed at the gesture. 

"I promise." 

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