Chapter 5

Raine pulled her red sweater over her head and tied back her just washed hair. She had

spent two days in her room and only stepped out when her mother called her down for dinner. As for her

family asking what was wrong ,her mother ordered everyone to steer clear of the subject. Dante didn't

ask but he knew it was about a man. Raine couldn't look him in the eyes and he didn't ask why.

Casey had called earlier and begged, no threatened her to get out of bed. Raine sucked i her

lip and stepped out of her room. She expected music, flowers a whole hall full of celebrating family

members. Instead she found a half nude Dante taking a bowl of cereal into his room.

"Look who finally decided to come out of the cave." he mocked. He looked down at his

boxers ,bare chest and shrugged.

"Leave it alone; and do you always walk around in the nude when I'm not around?" she

asked picking up her flats from the shoe stand outside her door.

"I'm wearing boxers, I'm not naked and where are you going?" he asked walking into his

room. Raine followed, tired of living in her own secluded mess. She didn't have much human contact.

"Casey called; we're headed out for some frozen yogurt. You want to come?" Raine asked

looking up at her brother. Honestly she had missed speaking to him. Dante was no where near perfect

but he was sweet, and made her laugh.

"Make that pizza and add Logan on the guest list." he smiled and began to text Logan. Raine

froze and felt her blood boil. She didn't want Logan to see her miserable. Her heart felt weak and her

eyes began to tear again.

"Hurry up and get ready Casey will be here any-" Raine was going to finish when she heard

a low whistle. Casey stood behind her with wide eyed. She blew out another low whistles and grinned.

"Dante have you been working out?" she winked. Dante blushed and quickly grabbed his

shirt. Casey chuckled and turned towards Raine. Casey wore an off the shoulder white sweater and

denim jeans. Her hair was pulled out into soft waves. Raine looked at herself and then grunted under

her breath.

"Stop flirting with my brother and help me." She hissed at Casey.

"Okay, okay." She smiled at Dante and walked back in to Raine's room.

"What do I do? Dante just invited Logan along." Raine dropped on her messy bed and

covered her face with her hands. It took her nearly a week to get up from bed and now she would have to

face him again. Raine was aware that she would no doubt break down in tears when Logan comes in

front of her.

"First of all you need to stop moping around for that ass wipe. He doesn't deserve it, what he

deserves is a hard kick to his nuts. Besides this is the perfect opportunity to mess with him." Casey

grinned rubbing her hands together.

"What? How?" Raine looked up at Casey who was smiling.

"We need to get you into something hot. Show him what he's missing." She winked.

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