Chapter 5

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"Hey! Wait up!" I heard someone scream from behind me. I turned, looking down the stairs to find Felix jogging up to me.

What does he want to talk about? I found myself wondering as he finally got to me with a smile on his face.

"I know you have class in ten," he said, checking his watch, "but I just wanted to tell you something real quick. Can you meet me at the front door after school hours?"

"I..." I started to trail as a lot of questions floated in my mind.

"Sure," I muttered instead, a little swayed by Felix's dimpled smile. His smile got wider at my answer, and he mentioned a brief 'thank you' before turning and heading down the stairs.

I raised a brow, wondering what was making him so excited before I turned and headed to class. Chemistry was two periods at a stretch so I tried to keep my eyes open in class, but the disappointed look I received from Mrs. Jones when class ended told me I'd been doing a terrible job at staying awake.

Time went by, and my classes passed by as well, and school soon came to an end. I changed my books at my locker as Ji-Hun, Aiyana and Wyatt talked to each other. They were laughing, allowing their voices to mix with that of the other students in the hallway that were moving towards the school's main exit.

"Hurry up Ben, we're waiting for you," I heard Aiyana's voice say, making me look up from the textbook I was holding in my hand.

"Oh," I let out, just realizing that they'd been waiting for me all this time. I hadn't told them that I wasn't walking home with them today. "I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I can't walk home with you guys today, sorry."

"Ah, okay," Aiyana said, corking her head to the side. Her dark hair following her head's movement. "Why though?"

"Felix wants to meet up with me. He said it's important," I said watching Aiyana as my face grew warm. I wasn't sure why I was flustered. It's not like he's going to ask me to go on a date with him or something. Ji-Hun and Wyatt didn't seem to be paying attention. They'd wandered a few lockers away and were talking, leaving Aiyana and me alone together.

She eventually nodded, giving me a small smile before she turned and walked up to the other two. They looked over at me for a brief moment before they started heading towards the school exit together.

I then turned towards my locker again when they disappeared into the crowd, and finished changing my books before locking my locker and resting my back against it as I looked out at the crowd of students still in the hallway. I sighed, releasing that it wasn't going to thin out anytime soon and I couldn't just wait for everyone to leave before I did since Felix was probably waiting for me already.

I walked through the crowd, making it at the other end of the hallway after muttering a string of apologies as I slipped past people. I walked out the door and down the stairs before looking about the place for Felix. In the bright sun, I finally found Felix leaning against the building's wall as he went through his phone with one hand. I bit my bottom lip, wondering if I should approach him.

He saved me the stress by looking up and grinning at me. He gestured for me to come to him by tapping the space on the wall beside him, finally willing my feet to move and walk over to him.

"How are you doing?" he asked as I made to stand beside him, squinting at the sunlight as I rested my clothed back against the warm brick wall.

"Good," I muttered, looking out into the school's parking lot that was emptying as the cars owned by students made their way out the school gates one after the other.

A couple of people were still chatting and walking around the school compound. Some senior boys had hijacked the basketball court and were presently shooting hops as people watched from behind the gates.

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