Promposal - Max Verstappen

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You and Max were the best of the friends you can imagine. Your friendship was so so special for you two, that you ended up dating. Now, it was the first time you went to a race to support him, and he was absolutely excited and delighted to have you around. But also, you've been so worried, because as an high school student in senior year you had prom, but until now no date. You knew that it would be impossible to take Max with you, and that's the reason why you didn't ask him to be your prom date. His job makes him always stay away and for you this time wasn't different.

"Baby..." He asks sitting by your side on the bed where you calmly observed the ceiling. "What's wrong? Are you tired? I did something wrong?" He asks holding your hand.

"It's nothing baby, I'm just a bit tired, you didn't let me sleep that much last night!" I chuckle and he smiled blushing.

"But you didn't say no."

"You didn't allow me to say No. Or my booty would suffer the consequences." I giggle just reminding what he said.

"There is the smile I love the most." He chuckle and kisses my cheek. "So, you didn't tell me anything else about school.. how's everything going?"

"It's fine, just fine. I don't wanna talk about this."

"You sure you have nothing to tell or ask me?" I stared at him for one moment. "I know when you're lying baby, don't forget it."

"But I'm not lying!" Okay I really was lying. "Nothing is wrong."

"Okay." She shakes his head and lays his head on my belly so I could play with his fluffy hair. "We have to leave or I'll sleep and lose the race and my job!" I smirked when he got up with a sleepy face.


"Good luck love! Don't worry about anything and please behave yourself and have fun! Remember you can do this, just keep pushing!" I told him before he kisses me and wears his balaclava and the helmet.
Every time he gets into the car I feel a bit scared but also enthusiastic because I know he's happy, but I also know how dangerous this is.
I love the fact that he was so worried with me, but I also hate that he knows me so well that it makes me very vulnerable. I'm glad he doesn't know this Prom situation and he'll never know, because I'm not going to tell and I'm not going to the prom. Of course I'll feel bad, but it's okay, it's just a prom...

I looked around and suddenly saw the mechanics and the guys inside the garage extremely excited and cheering happily. Max was leading the race but how?
The two Mercedes in front collided giving the first place to the red bull young driver. The 4 times world Champion Vettel was behind him trying to put him under pressure but it wasn't enough
I started to feel so nervous for him, it was taking years to the race finally end.

"You have to keep this tires alive Max!"

"I'm have no grip with this tyres!"

"Copy that! Keep pushing!"

I could hear his team radio and I knew he wasn't comfortable at all.

"Okay Max, tyres looking good to go to the end, tyres looking good to go to the end. Only 5 laps remaning!"

"I don't know if I can do this! I'm starting to struggle!"

"SHUT UP, YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS! KEEP PUSHING!" I shouted louder than I should making the whole guys at the garage and the pit wall look at me. Max's stress was reflecting on me now.

"Keep pushing, you know you can do this!"

His engineer repeated my words smiling at me from the pit wall...

"Go to the Max!"

And there he was. Flying like a bird to his first ever win in Formula one. I was already feeling the happiness tears rolling down my face. The team ran to the pit wall at the finish line, and then to the Parc ferme where the top three rapidly parked their cars.

"Verstappen you are a race winner!" Was the last thing I heard on his team radio before I was dragged to the Parc ferme by his PR. Max had already went to the cool down room, but the team was already celebrating and screaming to the young Dutch man.

" and in first place, MAX VERSTAPPEN with his first ever win in formula one!" My beautiful and amazing boyfriend climbed to the first place all smiling and sweaty. He was very tired but also extremely happy. The anthem is playing and I see him searching for me with his beautiful blue eyes. He smiled when I blew him a kiss and he whispered "ik hou van je" making me smile.


"Coming back to you Max, once again a big congratulations to you, your first ever win and the first of many.. how are you going to celebrate today?"

"Well, my team will definitely go out for drinks, and they all deserve it, but I just want to enjoy this moment with my beautiful girlfriend who's here today to support me. I wouldn't be able to do this without her. My engineer said some words on the radio and I knew that she's the one who said it, but at that moment she couldn't say it directly." I smiled widely at him whispering "I love you".

"She seems to be a fantastic girl, and I'm sure she's very proud of you." I nod at them and Max smiles.

"I know she is, and there's only one way to celebrate this." I saw Vettel smiling at the Dutch, he knew something. "Because I love you and we all won, now can I be your date and take you to the prom?" He asks and I just couldn't believe, how he knew it? He knew it all this time... "

"Yes Yes yes!" I nod Frantically making him chuckle.

"Good, then that will be our celebration!" He kept smiling and of course responding the questions but his eyes never left mine. I would have to wait him at his motorhome but I just wanted to give him a hug, not only because he just asked me in the most romantic way, but also he won the race. There weren't roses or chocolate there, it was just him and himself and of course the F1 fans, and the media, oh God! He really did it.

"Hey baby..." he smiles when sees me. "How are you?" I get up to finally hug him tight.

"I'm very very proud of you! You've been so great! I Love you." I smiled when he kissed my neck.

"Thank you for believing in me baby. This is all thanks to you."

"How you know about the prom?"

"Your Mom told me, she was worried with you. So I've decided to do it."

"Why there?"

"Well because I'm yours and everyone needs to know it, Duh!" He smiles wider. "Did you like it?"

"Absolutely Loved and you made me feel nervous and also absolutely happy. This is the best day of my life after our relationship anniversary of course." He smirked.

"You're my princess and you deserve this."

"I Love you Max! This is the best Promposal EVER!"

"I love you too baby girl. Now let's go I'm tired and I want your hand on my hair... TO MAKE ME SLEEP! Or you have other ideas?" He asks when sees how worried I got.

"Grapes and Netflix."

"Grapes? No we're just going to sleep!"

"Aggh Max don't be silly."

"Okay miss! Grapes, but no Netflix. Then we can do other things."

"Don't!" I frowned making him laugh.

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