Chapter Seventeen

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My life is revision. It's so depressing.



Chapter Seventeen

Sorcha smiled as I walked into the kitchen the following morning. “Morning!” she chirped. “Want a coffee?”

“Mm,” I nodded, trying not to let it show that I had a slight hangover from the amount of Cosmopolitans I’d had to drink the previous night.

“How was your date?” she asked, turning her back so I wouldn’t see what was surely a huge smile.

“It was…” I said, and then smiled despite myself. “It was great, thank you.”

“Really?” Sorcha asked, immediately turning around. “Oh, that’s so good! I’m so happy for you!”

I smiled. “He took me on a-”

Sorcha held up her hand. “Say no more until we have coffee and food.”

“Fine,” I said, and realised that I actually did want to tell her about my night with Elliot. It was just like old times, when I came back from my first date with Colin and I told her all about it. I waited for this memory to make me sad, but it didn’t. Instead, it made me smile. Maybe I was one step closer to getting over him.

“Right,” she said, as toast popped out of the toaster. “Go and sit in the comfy chairs. I’m coming.”

I rushed through to the living room and sat on the sofa. Sorcha brought over two coffees and two plates of toast, handing one of each to me.

“I marvel at your carrying abilities,” I told her in admiration.

“Thank you,” she said, and curled up on the sofa opposite me. “Right, go on. Tell me everything.”

“Well,” I said, sipping at my coffee. “Wow, that’s hot.”

“Get to the point,” she said eagerly.

I grinned. “Well, because I’m scared of cars, he took me on a motorbike.”

“Which is clearly the obvious choice…” Sorcha teased.

I grinned. “It was fun. If a little fast.”

“He took you on a fast motorbike,” Sorcha mused. “Well, he just went soaring upwards on my hotness scale. Continue.”

“He ordered Cosmos from the bar,” I grinned. “It was so cute.”

“Nice,” Sorcha nodded. “Clearly very gay, then.”

“Very,” I laughed. “And we sat around talking for a bit, which was nice. He asked me all about Colin and the divorce, and I asked him about the guy in his classroom-”

“Ooh, who was that?” Sorcha asked, interested. “Ex-husband? Ex-boyfriend?”

“Friend,” I corrected her. “Who recently broke up with another of his friends, and is putting him in the middle of it.”

“Bastard,” Sorcha commented, and then smiled. “Onwards with the story.”

“Then we talked about Saskie,” I smiled fondly. “He seems to genuinely love her to pieces.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Sorcha asked, rolling her eyes. “She’s the perfect kid.”

“That’s what he said,” I chuckled, remembering his words. “Bubbly and energetic, but listens to instructions and is responsible.”

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