Back To School

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It turns out that Kasey didn't get much damage on her arm. There was a miner injuries but nothing the doctor couldn't fix. Kasey was allowed to go back home and in about three days, back to school.


Kasey walked around her house, easing the pain in her shoulder as the doctors told her to. She would roll her shoulders and do lots of different exercises. She had one day day to go 'till she had to go to school again.

Kasey walked a few flights of stairs then went to her room. She didn't feel like doing anything anymore seeming as it was about 12 at night. She laid down and drifted to sleep.


Kasey woke up to sore muscles all over her body. She slowly got out of bed, walking over to her closet. She didn't want to wear something to showing today so she grabbed a baggy sweatshirt and black ripped jeans. She went to her nightstand grabbing her bag and phone, putting it in her pocket. She went down to the first floor and left without saying a word.

Once she reached to school she was greeted by the most 'loved' girl, Jenna and her minions, Mia and Jasmine, followed.

"Oh! Look what the robber dragged in!" Jenna snickered. Kasey ignored her and walked straight forward. That didn't work out so well because Mia decided to walk over and push her.

"Don't ignore Jenna as she talks you filthy pig!" She spat. Kasey grunted and before she could process what she was going to do, she punched Mia in the gut. As it went through her brain, she booked it and ran in the school.


Kasey sat down in her third class seat and pulled out a notebook. She opened it up and started to write. The bell rung and the teacher walked in. As the teacher kept blabbering on, the kid next to Kasey, Zane, faced her.

"What was that stunt you did the other day?" He whisper-yelled. Each word with venom.

"What do you mean." She questioned not fazed at all. Well, it wasn't really a question more like a demand.

"You pretending to be shot? I bet you were just trying to get attention! Jenna was right about you, you are a attention-grabbing whore." He spat out. Kasey stood up, stopping the teacher from her rant.

"Miss. Connie, may I go to the nurse? I'm not feeling very well." Kasey said mono-toned. The teacher just grabbed a pass and gave it to her. She walked out and turned the opposite way of the nurses office. She went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She was a wreck. Knotted hair, dark eye bags, cyclops clothes. She was a totally mess.

"This school is a living hell..." She whispered to herself. She turned on the sink and rinsed her face. She looked back in the mirror then left.


Sorry this chapter was so short. I'm really have a hard time plus with my school work it's a living hell.

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