[24] Dinner Disaster

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Previously on Agents:

"Hey Adam, John, Boss. What's poppin? Jinbop here."


Adam, John and Boss' mouths were wide open. Yup, just as I thought. They were shocked as I was.

"JIN?!" Adam and John yelled simultaneously.


"Thought I was dead?" Finishes Jin.

"Uh, yeah." Replies Boss.


All of us look at him with a 'wut the heck' face. "Heh, sorry. Boss and I made a bet."

"Did you guys seriously make a bet on me?"

"Alright, all of you. Go get into formal attire and I'll pick you up in 15."

"Wait, Boss!" Cory starts. "We're going to La Fancynom NOW?"

"Yes. We are celebrating Bop's return. Now, go on."

"Yes sir!"

I dashed to my room and picked out an outfit. I chose a short, black dress with some lace.

I took out a pair of purple flats and some kitty communication earrings. I also hid my gun in my dress, just in case.

I fixed my hair into a side bun and grabbed my clutch that had everything else I needed.

I fixed my hair into a side bun and grabbed my clutch that had everything else I needed

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(And a pic cuz why not)

I walked downstairs to find Shelby in a beautiful evening gown and Jin in a tuxedo.

"Wait, Jin-- how did you get a tux so quickly?" I asked.

"I went to Adam's and borrowed one." He explained.

I exited my house with all the others to see a limousine parked in front of our houses.

We all went in. Boss was already in there. The window-thing in the inside of the limo (the one separating the drivers' seat and the passenger seats) rolled down to reveal...

"LEVIN, MALACHI!?" I pretty much yelled.

"Hi Aphmoo!" They said in unison.

I facepalmed and laughed. "It's Aphmau. Aph-mau!"

"We know, but we like calling you Aphmoo!" Levin said.

"Levin and Malachi will be joining us tonight for dinner, since they managed to complete a very hard mission." Boss explained. "That and because Levin makes a great chaffeur."

"Hey!" Levin yelled in a joking manner.

Levin and Malachi are some of my best friends, or probably even unbiological siblings. They're the adoptive brothers of Zoey, an elf who also works in the agency.

Despite Levin being like, 10 and Malachi around 12, they're some of the best agents that haven't reached teenage years.

Also somehow Levin was given an exception in the laws since he can drive and has a drivers' license.

   The whole time to the restaurant, we were basically either one, making Max, Mad Max, two, talking about gaming, three, complaining about how long the ride was, or four, telling random stories.

"It was a peaceful day in da city. Donovon PowerHouse was walking down the street when all of a sudden he then heard a cream from like 7 or 8 blocks away. "OH no". Donovon whispered He leap into air and then pushed his back real fast and then he was off to the scream he had heard..." Ross started his story, to be interrupted by Malachi.

"We're here!"

   The Sky Army, Boss, Malachi and I entered the restaurant while Levin went to go find some place to park the "car."

   The restaurant had two floors, with a spiral staircase going to the second floor.

   It was mainly made out of concrete and wood, with marble and gold accents.

It must've taken a lot of money to build this. I thought.

   We were brought to our table that Boss -somehow- managed to reserve last minute, scanned through the menu and ordered.

Some time later~~

   We had finished eating, it was really good. We chatted for a while, before it was time to go.

   We were all about to get up and leave when a teenager around our age, with brownish eyes and slicked back brown hair like Draco Malfoy's, dropped a vial of yellowish-golden liquid.

   Smoke began to fill the whole restaurant. To be honest, it didn't smell like actual smoke. It smelled like the scent of apples.

As soon as the smoke cleared, I asked in between coughs, "Is everyone okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine." I heard a female voice reply.

   I glanced up to see a girl around my age with brown hair tied into a ponytail, wore a black dress with golden accents and had sunglasses on.

"Oh.. my... Irene. SKY?!" I exclaimed.

   It was only now that I realized my own voice was deeper than usual. I glanced around to see everyone in the room was now the opposite gender.

"Dammit!" I muttered out of frustration.

"It must've been a genderbending potion!" Exclaimed Shelby.

"Nows whats will we sayings to thes teachers?" John asked. "We's havings school tomorrows."

Crap. I completey forgot about that.

Story Credit:

Ross' Story taken from House_Owner's book "The Big Bad"

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