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   ASDF and I left the school and headed back to mine and Shelby's place.

   I furiously pounded on the door, not bothering to use the doorbell. Soon Shelby answered.

"OMI Aphmau! Where were you?! Who is that?" Exclaims Shelby.

"I'll answer your questions later. For now I need to chat with Boss and the guys, fast."


   Shelby set up the TV and turned it to a different channel. It said loading. Is that new?

"Hey, can you sit there?" I asked them, motioning to a chair that wasn't visible to the TV screen.

   Once the TV stopped loading, there was a facecam thing that had the guys on the left side, and Boss on the right.

"Oh my Irene, Aphmau! I'm so glad you're safe!" Boss exclaimed. We all looked at him with a weird expression. "Ahem. I mean, glad you made it out alive, Agent Shu."

"Where were you?" Asks John. ASDF was about to say something but I silenced them.

"I was in a weird dimension. It was completely made out of binary coding." I explained.

"Did you get a chance to see your attacker?" Asks Cory. I shook my head.

"Greaaat." Groans Boss.

"But I was sure they were a shadow knight. I just don't know who."

   ASDF was gonna speak so I finally let them. I can't wait to see the guys' reactions!

"However, I did. When I got ambushed about 3 or so years ago back in Tokyo, I noticed the features of my attacker." They started. "He had orange hair and orange eyes. Was definitely a meif'wa. He looked to be a freshman highschooler. He would also look like a guy whom many girls would have a crush on."

"Kai." Ross growled under his breath.

"I can't believe it..." I muttered.

"He would be great to ship Aphmau with too. Welp, Kaimau sank..." Shelby frowned.

"Kaimau already sank." I told her with a Frisk face.

"Wait, really?" Everyone in the room, except for ASDF and Boss, asked.


"Nope." I replied.

"Well, then who is he?!" Asks Adam.

"C'mon." I motioned them to come to sit on the couch in front of the screen.

"Hey Adam, John, Boss. What's poppin? Jinbop here."

Soo... Zoalis got it correct =^w^=

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 here's a random pic

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