= Chapter 12 =

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"Cause I'm a dreamer and you're the dream."

-Jeremy Lockhart


A hand slapped over my mouth, preventing me from screaming any further. My eyes came upon a pair of blueish-green eyes that gave me a cold stare. Using his index finger, he placed it on his lips signaling me to keep quiet. I gave him a slight nod and he carefully removed his hand from my mouth.

"Gabriel..." I muttered under my breath, remembering who he was. Without even looking at me, he grabbed the note from my hand.

That nosy—

I noticed how his expression turned into a nervous one, he ran his fingers through his golden brown hair repeatedly. I remembered Tristen telling me that Gabriel was the guy in their clique who never really spoke much.

As I was about to snatch the note away, he stepped back. His cold stare challenged me once more, and it scared me to the core.

"You're screwed." He simply said, before walking away with my note.
Placing my hands on my hips, I raised my eyebrow in anger.

"Aren't you gonna help me?"

"Do I look like a helpful person?"

I remained silent, he seemed rude to be honest but I had a feeling it was all just a mask.

He walked over to the other shelves and I followed after him quickly. He realized that I was following him, and I swear I saw the ends of his lips twitch into a grin.

"You know Skylar, nothing in this world is free... I do expect something if you want my help" He grabbed a few art books from the different shelves.

I thought hard.

"I could help you get a girl?"

His head snapped to my direction almost immedaitely, and a cold expression was casted upon his face once again.

Oops, definitely hit a soft spot there.

"You don't know anything about me." He snapped.

He sat at the corner of the library with his legs crossed. I realized how the library was empty now. It was obvious that he wanted to be far away from me, but I could somehow see us as good friends in the future. Moreover, I enjoyed irritating him.

Sitting across him, I peered into the book that he was reading. His fingers gripped the ends of the book, clearly irritated with my nosy behavior.

"Why don't you smile more?" I tilted my head, giving him a questioning look.

"I never smile before I kill someone." He said calmly. Out of instinct, I moved away for him but I never stopped staring at him.

Sighing in defeat, he closed the book abruptly and placed it at his side.

"I'll help you, but I don't need a reward or any girl."

"Why though? I've never seen you with a gir—"

"Skylar...I don't want just any girl. Is it weird that I believe in finding my true love? I've never had a girlfriend because I want to save myself for a girl I'll truly love." He gave me a small smile and I had to try so hard not to swoon at his words.

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