Chapter 25

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Early the next morning as Brock and Jenna snuggled under the mountain of blankets to shield them from the chill. Jenna's finger grazed the scar that was now a constant reminder of Brock's accident.

"Just think if you never had this scar or your accident we would have never met." Jenna stated absentmindedly as her finger ran over the silvery tone of his skin. He kissed the top of her head as his hand rubbed her smooth skin.

"I thank everyday that I had that accident, it made me think a lot of the choices I made in my life and up to that point weren't all that great. I was the kind of man to live by the seat of your pants, reckless, and carefree with everyone's emotions. However, after the accident I came to the realization that money doesn't mean anything and the so called friends I had, never really cared enough to even visit. You were the best part of this whole situation. I think if I wouldn't have met you as I did, I would have missed out on the best relationship known to man."  Jenna looked up to see Brock's eyes mirrored her own, the unbreakable love they felt for one another. Jenna lent up and kissed Brock sweetly on the lips, she shivered against the cold air.

"I think it's best if we head back I'm sure my parents are chomping at the bit to congratulate us." They wriggled under the blankets as they dressed and tried to stay as warm as possible before throwing off the covers. Quickly they gathered all the items that was brought, except for the lights Jenna wanted them to stay as a reminder and hopefully they would get to visit their special area more often.

The house was eerily quite even for being early in the morning. Jenna went into the kitchen to place the basket on the table as Brock dropped the grass filled blankets in the laundry room. No more than the basket touched the table Carolyn came from the livining room as a gooberish grin smeared over her face.

"Well Well Well I would say something a long the lines of you doing the walk of shame from last night. But as John had tried to keep from me something special happened last night?" Jenna held out her hand as the ring picked up the ray of the sunrise coming through the window, making the ring sparkle. Carolyn rushed over grabbed Jenna's hand and examined the ring. They looked at each other and squealed with delight.

Brock and everyone else in the house rushed into the kitchen, congrats were thrown around. Carolyn poked Brock in the side "Just as a fair warning don't ever tell John something that you don't want me to know because he is a horrible lyre and can't keep secrets for very long." Carolyn chuckled and congratulated Brock with a hug.

"So when are you all getting married?" Karen inquired as Sr. just shook his head.

"Leave them alone they just got engaged' Sr. scolded and Karen looked sheepishly at everyone.

Jenna spoke up "I've always dreamed of having my wedding in spring with all the new blooming flowers and perfected warm weather, not too hot."

"That doesn't give a lot of time but we can make it work." Sr. stated

The holidays came and gone like the cold blustery air, with  the wedding was fast approaching on it's heals. All of the women gathered on several occasions to plan and create the most gorgeous wedding that has ever graced the town of Maddison.  Brock and Jenna decided with out a doubt that they wanted to get married on Mr. Jenkins farm under the full bloom of the wisteria. Brock hired a top of the line gardener to get the plant back into shape before the wedding and if need be to transport new plants to fill in where is needed.

Several appointments were scheduled  to try on wedding dresses and cake tasting. Carolyn grumbled as she tried to fit her baby bump into several bridesmaids gowns. Karen soothed Carolyn's panic stricken face "I will have a special dress made for you, we can't have the maid of honor in distress, and money is no object so don't argue."  Brock's parents had taken up most of the cost for the wedding due to Jenna's own parents not having the funds. Jenna felt guilty that they were paying for everything but Sr. stated "How often does your son get married and I have the money to spend".  It made the uneasiness settle somewhat but not completely.   

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