Chapter 35

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Laurel’s POV

I sat with Ariah and Pop at the airport, waiting on their plane to arrive. It was a private plane so we were sitting in an area reserved for people who didn’t fly commercially. I was chewing my thumbnail as I thought about my choices. I could go. I had every right and excuse to leave, to be with my son. Or I could stay. Fight for Vince and my family. But did I really have any rights to him? He wasn’t mine as determined by the fates. Maybe I had been too rash in having him mark me and mate with me. I hadn’t considered that his mate would one day return. Of course I knew what had happened between them, but was that enough to keep Vince with me and not her? He hadn’t been traumatized and victimized by his mate as I had. What Dominic had done had snapped our bond. A clean break. There was no going back for me. But now what do I do? The man I had consciously chosen to be my mate was thinking about his other mate. Could I handle that? Did I have enough fight left in me to battle for Vince. I didn’t know the answers to these questions.

The hand that I wasn’t nervously gnawing on drifted to my stomach. I rubbed the spot where I imagined my baby was growing right now. A sense of comfort came over me, knowing that even if I didn’t end up with Vince I would still always have a piece of him with me. As long as I got that much, I knew that I would be happy eventually.

I saw Ariah and Pop watching me out of the corner of my eye. The sympathy on their faces killed me. It made me think that there wasn’t even a decision to make. I rocked LJ in his stroller in front of me to distract myself from the pain and to avoid their gazes. I knew they wanted me to talk to them, but I couldn’t. How do you tell the parents of your fiancé that you don’t know if you want to fight for him, that he may be leaving you and your children to go be with his original mate? I couldn’t say it aloud. If I did it made everything more real.

An attendant walked over to us. She was pretty. Long red hair, bright green eyes in a pencil skirt and white shirt. I wished I was her for a moment. She looked like her life was easy and free of pain and endless hurt. How much could one girl take? My dad killed, my family tortured me, my mate raped and beat me, rejected me, and now my new mate would probably choose her over me and our kids. How would we work out visitation schedules because I never wanted to go back if he chose that woman? I wanted to be apart from the pain.

“Your flight is almost ready for boarding. The captain just needs to know how many are traveling with you.”

Ariah and Pop  and Andrew and Anthony turned to look at me. I guess now was the time to make my choice. I gazed down at LJ and rubbed my belly before nodding my head slightly. I was making the right choice.

Vince’s POV

“Jensa, could you back up please?”

She was crowding my space. I had asked Aubrey to come back via our mind link but he laughed and told me to be a man. She was practically in my face. Inches from me. She was looking at me and there was a twinkle in her soulful brown eyes. I her eyelashes fluttered on her check as she leaned in closer to me. All of a sudden a vision of Laurel flashed through my mind. She was smiling at me, and we were having a picnic at the park.