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Hey there! Whether you're a old reader or you've just discovered this story, thank you for reading it! "Pleasure's All Mine This Time" & "Will You Stay Awat Forever" is my first story on Wattpad and hands down the one I've put most of myself into!

Thank you for sticking by me and constantly encouraging me to write more! I can't believe that the series has almost 80k reads in total, I just can't. You guys have been so supportive of me and without your amazing feedback I would have never finished writing the first part, let alone the sequel.

There's nothing better than having you tell me that this story feels like reality, because it was my reality for almost a year.

It all comes down to this one, without its success I would have never thought of writing any more stories.

So thank you again for being the best friends ever and I can repay you only by writing more, as long as I can.


One last time, for everyone's sake! <3


“What are you staring at?” Chloe smirked at Brian, resting her hand on the sides of her hips and seductively raising an eyebrow.

His response was a smirk just as cocky as hers and his eyes proceeded to scan her bare body, which was clad only by a skimpy ruffle bikini. Chloe could instantly see the fire light in his eyes and simply waited for him to make his way to her.

As she had expected, it took Brian less than a minute to wrap his arms around her. “You look so damn amazing.” Brian said hotly in her ear and rubbed his hands on circles on the small of her back while nuzzling her jaw line.

“Why thank you, I worked hard.” Chloe giggled when his goatee ticked her sensitive neck. She could feel Brian’s large hands cup her firm buttocks and gently glide under the hem on her bikini bottoms.

Shivers instantly rushed down her spine and she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, temptingly moaning his name between slow kisses. It was only them on the private beach, and they could do whatever they pleased.

“I want you bad.” Brian groaned impatiently against Chloe’s mouth while arching his back to grab the back of her thighs and push her flat against him.

His roughness was a usual turn on for her and she kneaded her hands against his strong, tattooed chest. “Take me, do whatever you want.” Chloe gasped and looked into his dark brown eyes, which were glazed by lust and passion.

Brian grinned like a maniac and before she noticed, her legs were hooked around his hips while he carried her inside their luxurious cabin. Her back soon collided with the cool sheets of the bed and Brian climbed on top of her, like a predator going in for the kill.

The room filled with gasps and moans as there was absolutely no need for words. Brian’s hands roughly gripped Chloe’s bikini top and he pushed it down to reveal her breast, which he immediately attacked with sucks and kisses.

Chloe bit hard on her bottom and tried squirming beneath Brian from pleasure. But the pressure he was applying to her body was so hard that it kept her pressed to the mattress, completely dominated by him.

She felt the warm flicks of his tongue travel down her tensed stomach until her positioned himself between her creamy thighs. Their eyes locked for a moment and Chloe whimpered while innocently waiting on him. “Brian…” His name came as a plea.

Taking his time, Brian began slowly working on Chloe’s inner thighs, gently pleasuring the sensitive skin with kinky kisses and sucks. Chloe squirmed impatiently, bucking her hips. He always liked to please her first, make her ready for him and as much as she wanted him to give the oral sex he was so ridiculously good at, she wanted to make him first priority that time. He waited for this moment for way too long during the last months of Chloe’s pregnancy.

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