Bonus Chapter» The Wedding

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".. See heavens got a plan for you" The loud music roared, blaring from each corner across the club. Echoing all around. The bright lights flashed around aiding the sweaty bodies on the dance floor. All dancing and singing, wasting their life away.

The strong smell of alcohol drifted through my nose. Seeing the bartenders serve them to the half drunk customers. All trying to flirt with them for 'One on the house'. Everywhere I looked darkness surrounded me, barely able to make out the sweaty bodies.

Every night I came. Every night the same thing happened, with me sitting here seeing life escape before me.

Looking down at the dance floor. My eyes landed on a beautiful blonde woman. Dressed in pink dancing as she swayed her hips side to side. Her fingers running through her hair erotically. As if feeling my gaze on her, the woman looked up. Her sparkly blue eyes landing on me, in the VIP area.

A smirk plastered her face as she did a slow turn running her hand down her body. Beside me, I heard Stefano let out a wolf whistle patting me on the back.

"You getting some tonight bro" He grinned slyly. Looking at the man I barely made out of the smirk on his face seeing, bright neon colours flash all around us. Raising the glass in my hand I chucked the liquid down seeing them holler. Giving me to two thumbs up.

Running a hand through my raven hair I stood up. Hearing the guys yell loudly, wishing me a 'Safe' night as I made my way down. In to the dance floor, finding myself get lost in the sea of people.

I knew I was tipsy yet I could hold my ground. I was never one to drink, heck I never drank but after.. After her. I had to do something to forget.

Shaking the thought away I walked past the sweaty bodies. Feeling someone trialing their hands on to me. Pulling my shoulder backwards, as I searched for the siren dressed in pink.

Wanting to see her through the glistening lights. Glancing around everything within me stopped. Seeing her stand in front of me. Her large Hazel eyes staring in to mine.

She was dressed in white, her long raven hair cascading down her back as she smiled at me. Her eyes lighting up. Turning around she disappeared in to the crowd, her eyes trained on me. Leading me on.

Wake the fuçk up. She isn't here.

I growled eternally shaking my head. Wanting to clear my mind, hoping the vision ceases away. As she did.

" Ammar " Her voice rang against my ears, looking upwards she stood before me. A soft smile plastered on to her features. I knew this wasn't real, but God. I wished for everything within me that this was real. That she was really here.

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