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   Entering the Great Hall to dozens of candles and most of the students seated, Anabelle approached the Slytherin table with Sally-Anne and Millicent, the duo slightly in front of her. A fact that she came to regret mere seconds later as the two sat down, leaving the only free space to be between Millicent and none other than the Slytherin Prince himself.

   With a groan and an annoyed roll of her mocha eyes, she sat down on the empty space, immediately receiving the attention on Draco Malfoy, at which she narrowed her eyes at him and frowned, causing him to turn back to Pansy.

   "Hi Blaise," she said with a smile to the boy opposite herself. Noticing the other boy next to him, Anabelle turned to him and said, "Hi Theo."

   The boy grinned as they both greeted her in return. "How was your summer?" she asked, from no one in particular.

   "Normal I guess," shrugged Blaise, then frowned in distaste. "My Mum got married again, so she was gone most of the break on their honeymoon which is great, but then once they got back, she forced me to go to France with them," his opinion of this trip was evident on his features. "'For bonding'."

   Theodore laughed. "Yeah nothing new for me either," he then said. "Though with the Dark Lord publicly back, my parents were obviously busier, if you get what I mean." The arrogant grin that appeared on the boy's face made Anabelle's stomach lurch and she felt slightly sick.

   "What about you, Ana?" Blaise then asked her.

   She was, however, saved from replying as just then the doors from the Entrance Hall opened and Professor McGonagall entered, followed by a line of scared looking first-years. Anabelle remembered her own sorting very well. She had met Pansy and Millicent on the train as they entered her compartment. The two already knew each other from childhood, and it didn't take Ana longer than a minute to figure out the Pansy was completely full of herself and that Millicent had spent their entire lives in her shadow, idolising everything the other girl did. Once they had arrived at the castle, Anabelle could not help but gaze up at the towers and enchanted ceiling in amazement, regardless of the various stories she had heard from her parents. She, of course, did not share the nervousness of most of the student mass as it would obvious she would be placed in Slytherin, which even she herself agreed to be the best of the Hogwarts houses.

   Anabelle and her friends watched the sorting in a silent disinterest, though always applauding whenever a new Slytherin approached the green and silver table. Once all of the eleven-year-olds had sat down, each looking relieved at having been sorted, Dumbledore stood up, gave a short welcoming speech and the food appeared on the long tables.

   Heads started turning toward the door, and conforming to those around her, Anabelle saw Harry Potter, still clad in Muggle attire, walking up the aisle toward the Gryffindor table before quickly sitting down between Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

   "Making an entrance as always," scowled Draco. "Do you reckon Potter's capable of not being the centre of attention for a day?"

   "Hark who's talking," muttered Anabelle under her breath, and the blonde turned to her, though she pretended as if she hadn't said anything.

   "What happened to his face?" grunted Gregory Crabbe after a moment, breaking the staring contest between Draco and Ana.

   A self-righteous smirk appeared on Draco's face as he laughed. "That was me," he said. "The bloody prick tried to attack me on the train, but I got the better of him. It was easy, just a Body-Binding curse right to the chest. Kicked him in the face for a little memorabilia. I was hoping nobody would find him and the Chosen-One would head right back to London."

   "You're so brave, Draco," Pansy cooed, and the boy's smirk intensified as Anabelle gagged.

   "Yes, well, I can't let him think that he owns the place," said Draco, dismissing Pansy's praise. "Can't have him bossing everyone around."

   Anabelle made a noise between a scoff and a laugh, and he turned to glare at her. "What's wrong with you, Leighton?"

   She plastered a fake smile on her face before looking at him. "I just never realised what a courageous man you are, Draco," she said, her voice high as she imitated Pansy. "Looking out for those lesser of us Hogwarts students since 1991, right?"

   He scowled at her before Pansy pulled his attention back herself. For the rest of the dinner, Anabelle did not suffer from further interaction with the Malfoy boy, instead having a rather enjoyable conversation with Millicent, Sally-Anne, Blaise, and Theodore about a range of topics. Once the Headmaster dismissed them, she walked happily with the small group toward the Slytherin dungeons, leaving Draco and Pansy to deal with the first-years as was their role as prefects.

   Sliding under the emerald green covers of her four-poster bed, watching the waters of the Black Lake dance behind the windows, she felt the smile fade from her face as she thought of what she was expected to have done by June.


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